TOP 10 Cheap Universities In Lithuania For International Students

Lithuania is one of the places in the world that is welcoming and relatively safe for international students. Fortunately, this contributes to one of the many other reasons why international students travel to Lithuania for educational purposes.

If you are looking for cheap universities in Lithuania, your search will be less complicated because many schools do not give out throat-cutting tuition costs. Plus, the cost of living is not as high as those in more popular countries international students go to for study.

Tuition for universities in Lithuania varies from school to school and course to course. Generally speaking, the fee ranges between 1000 EUR to 5000 EUR per year for Bachelor’s degree and 2000 to 6000 EUR for a Master’s degree. (Euro is the national currency in Lithuania)

In the list below, we have reviewed some of the cheapest universities for international students to study in Lithuania with top-quality education, some of which are public universities.

10 Lithuania Cheap Universities for International Students

Before we dive into the list, you should know that not all Lithuanian universities offer English-taught courses. Hence, aside from the tuition fee, it is essential also to check that the school offers your desired course in English.

No matter the college choice and tuition cost per academic year, certificates from Lithuanian universities are recognized in Europe and globally.

Now, in no particular order, here is a list of the cheapest universities in Lithuania for international students to study at:

  1. Vilnius University
  2. Klaipeda University
  3. Lithuanian Sports University
  4. Utenos Kolegija
  5. Alytaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences
  6. Graiciunas School of Management
  7. Šiauliai University
  8. LCC International University
  9. Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Agriculture Academy
  10. Mykolas Romeris University

Vilnius University

Vilnius University is considered the largest in Ludhiana and the world, with one of the most affordable tuition rates, especially for international students.

Most of its bachelor studies are taught in English, which makes it a good choice for international students as well (there are two majors taught in Polish and Russian, though)

Vilnius University in Lithuania offers 29 doctorate degrees in Natural Science, Technological Science, Medicine, Social Science, and Humanities.

As an international student, you can budget 2,400 – 12,960 EUR per year for the undergraduate program.

Klaipeda University

Next on the list of affordable universities in Lithuania for international students is Klaipeda University. They offer courses for industries that are in demand in Europe.

On a tight budget, international students looking to obtain degrees in sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences can consider this university. It is a popular choice for many international students because it is a multidisciplinary university.

As indicated earlier, expect to pay between 1,400 to 3,200 EUR as tuition expenses for the undergraduate programs at Klaipeda University. International students attending this university’s graduate programs should budget between 2,900 to 8,200 EUR.

Lithuania Sport University

Lithuania Sport University is another ideal option for any student looking to study in Lithuania but not resident, especially international students aspiring to be athletes or sportspersons.

Aside from the low tuition fees at Lithuania Sport University, attending this school allows you to take advantage of the foundation leverage of your career. It is no news that Europe is home to many athletes.

The university may be small, but it is one of the oldest and most inexpensive in the area. Courses offered in this institution are closely related to sports science and another athletic field of study.

Lithuania Sport University has 21 study programs for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Located in the Baltic region, the university also performs research activities in sports coaching, muscle and motor control, and sports management, among others.

Utena University of Applied Sciences

Popularly known as Utenos Kolegija, the Utena University of Applied Sciences is another low-tuition university in Lithuania located in Utena. Students looking to obtain a degree in this institution should budget an average tuition fee of 2,600 EUR per year.

The institution has been operating for 22 years and offers 14 listed study programs taught mostly through practicals and applied research.

Overall, it is a good recommendation for international students on a budget.

Alytaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences

Alytaus Kolegija University is an example of a cheap Lithuanian university. Here, international students are offered the opportunity to study any of the 11 bachelor’s studies programs available.

These include Company Administration, Transport and Logistics, Technologies of Information Systems, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Food Technology, Communication, Building Engineering Systems, Automobile Transport Engineering, Accounting, Business, Business Management, Multimedia, and Visual.

It is cheap for international students partly because the tuition fee range is below 3,000 EUR per academic year.

Gracias School of Management

  • Tuition fees: Average of 2000 EUR per year for students outside EU/EEA

Gracias School of Management is familiar among many international students in Lithuania. It is one of the cheapest institutions in Kaunas.

Here, courses offered include accounting, marketing and sales management, Law and business, logistics business management, tourism and hospitality, and international trade and communication.

In other words, there are six courses in Business and Management but only 1 in Law at Graiciunas School of Management.

The average tuition fee for students outside the EU is around 2,000 EUR per year, while students from the EU/EEA can expect to shell out 1,600 EUR as tuition cost.

Šiauliai University

This is another public university in Lithuania where international students on a budget can consider obtaining Bachelor’s degrees in areas of Economics, Business Administration, Software Engineering, and Music Pedagogy.

The university is located in Lithuania’s fourth-largest city and has been operating since 1997. It offers 6 Master’s programs for international students. 2 master’s programs are in coordination with Pardubice University, Czech Republic, and Open University Ukraine.

LCC International University

Based in Klaipeda, Lithuania, the LCC International University offers BA programs in psychology, Theology, International Business Administration, International Relations & Development, Contemporary Communication, and English Language & Literature.

It is a liberal art, private and Christian, that has been operating since 1993. LCC International University receives students from more than 50 countries worldwide, and most of its faculty members are from outside Lithuania.

Meanwhile, the school also offers a Master’s degree in International Management and TESOL.

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Agriculture Academy

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Agriculture Academy is one of the affordable universities for international students in Ludhiana. However, whether you are from the EU or not, you will have to undergo an interview as an applicant before you get accepted into the university.

The agriculture academy offers courses in agriculture, physical science, biomedicine, humanities, and social. To deliver high-quality education in these fields at the low rate it receives from students, VMU partners with Aleksandras Stulginskis University and the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.

Also, there are 19 undergraduate degrees, including one in Music Production and Performing arts which takes the highest tuition cost among others. At VMU, international students are also offered a total of 26 MMaster’programs but for graduate applicants.

Mykolas Romeris University

Lastly on this list of cheap universities in Lithuania for international students is this Mykolas Romeris University. The institution has campuses in Vilnius and Kaunas. It may be affordable for international students, but there are a handful of requirements before you can get accepted as an international student.

For example, foreign applicants need to submit

  • High school diploma
  • University transcript for graduate students)
  • Results of their English proficiency exam.

It is a large educational institution named to commemorate Mykolas Romeris – a legal scholar.

Mykolas Romeris is a cheap Lithuanian university offering undergraduate degrees in Informatics, Social Work, Communication, Psychology, English, Finance, Business, and Tourism.

What is the average Tuition cost for international students in Lithuanian universities?

Indeed, universities in Lithuania offer affordable tuition costs on average. If you are looking to obtain a college degree in Lithuanian as an international student, expect to pay around 2,000 EUR for Bachelor’s studies, 1,625 EUR for Master’s programs, and 12,000 EUR for Ph.D. programs.

The fees are expressed in EEurosince, the currency used in the area. If your country uses another money, you can do the conversion to know precisely how much you should budget to pay before traveling down to Lithuanian.

Can I work and study in Lithuania?

To gainful employment, preferably on a per-time basis, while studying is one of the options presented to international students, and universities in Lithuania are no exception.

You can work 20 hours per week while studying in Lithuania, provided you are enrolled in a university and have obtained your temporary residence permit.

The Lithuanian government understands the need to grow the economy, so even after your studies, you get up to 12 more months to stay in the country.

This will allow you to search for jobs based on the degree you’ve obtained and in your field of expertise.

What are International Student Accommodation Costs Like in Lithuania?

The good thing about accommodation while studying in Lithuania as an international student is that the university you’re enrolled in will most likely allow you to live in student halls or dormitories.

These dormitories are renovated and equipped with the necessary furniture and would usually cost as low as 70-200 EUR/month per month, utilities included.

If you choose to rent your private apartment as an international student in Lithuania, then be ready to shoulder the financial burden. For example, a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center can set you back around 285 EUR per month, while a three-bedroom apartment costs 455 EUR monthly.

Also, monthly utilities are not added to the rent. So, it would be paid separately and cost between 80 to 140 EUR, depending on the list of expenses.


Unlike most other areas, Lithuania is home to many less expensive universities. Still, the list gets reduced when you filter by institutions that offer top-quality education and resources to international students for low tuition costs.

While the place may be an affordable location to live in, your lifestyle and spending habits as a visitor will most likely determine how much you will need.

In the above list of cheap universities in Lithuania, you can get good value for your money thanks to the top-notch education and exposure to practicals and research facilities in these schools.

As mentioned earlier, work opportunities are available for you as an international student, either in school or afterward.

Remember that the national currency in Lithuania is the euro (EUR). If you come from another country with a different currency, you must convert the fees and your money or get used to banknotes.

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    • These are the cheapest Universities you can find in Lithuania. I’m not sure there is any other school as cheap as the ones listed on this page. I’ll advise you go through each university listed here and decide on which one to go for after you’ve thoroughly seen the tuition fee for each school.


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