TOP 10 Cheap Universities In Paris

In Paris, non-EU students usually pay higher tuition fees than in other EU countries. Still, some Paris universities offer incredibly low tuition fees for domestic and international students.

Many of these cheap universities in Paris usually enlist their tuition charges on their official website, alongside respective programs offered by the institution. But remember that aside from tuition fees, some cheap universities would require you to contribute to campus and student life.

If you aim to further your higher education in France and you’re looking for affordable universities in Paris, this guide is for you.

10 Best, Cheap universities in Paris

Not only the low tuition fees make many of the institutions listed here among the cheapest universities in Paris. Some universities are outstanding for their excellent scholarship opportunities to prospective students, especially abroad.

These scholarship programs are prominent in schools that are located in an environment in France where the cost of living for students is above their paychecks.

These financial aids are also sponsored by the French government and are present in expensive, private universities in Paris.

In other words, you may see a university in Paris with a high tuition rate but still listed among the cheapest institutions.

Without further ado, here is a result of our deep research on the best, most affordable universities in Paris:

  1. University of Paris
  2. Catholic University of Lyon
  3. Jean Monnet University
  4. Paris Cité University
  5. CESI Graduate School of Engineering
  6. Henri Poincaré University
  7. Blaise Pascal University
  8. ESITC Paris
  9. Claude Bernard University
  10. ECE Paris

University of Paris

The University of Parris is among the cheapest universities in Paris, and its tuition cost favors international students. As you have seen from the rate, the international student’s charge is relatively lower than for the local students at the University of Paris.

The University has been considered Europe’s second-oldest, and it is held in high regard due to its academic performance in the humanities despite the affordable fees. The school thrives more in the field of theology and philosophy.

The University of Paris may be an inexpensive higher education option, but the acceptance rate is worth considering. Here, the University’s acceptance rate is relatively high at 64 percent for all students.

Aside from ranking 4th in France and 64th in the world as the best University, the University of Paris has educated various popes, scientists, intellectuals, and royalty in time past. Academic programs like doctoral degrees and student nations are also offered.

Catholic University of Lyon

The Catholic University of Lyon is another affordable university in Paris. Its Tuition fees are flexible such that the student’s choice of courses and the duration of the method selected will determine the overall tuition cost.

Nevertheless, students at the Catholic University of Lyon usually spend around $677 to $1,244 every month on accommodation expenses.

The Catholic University of Lyon is a private-sector university established in 1875 with an academic focus on critical thinking, creativity, and educational competitiveness.

Students are offered programs in Philosophy and Human Sciences, Language and Literature, Law, Economics, Theology, and Religious Sciences. This is an excellent option if you seek to study under old-school values.

It is one of the cheapest universities in Paris for domestic and international students.

Jean Monnet University

Another cheap university in Paris today is Jean Monnet University, one of France’s most affordable universities for international students.

This French public University’s affordability makes it competitive for students to get accepted. The acceptance rate of Jean Monnet University is not up to 20 percent.

Based in Saint-Étienne, Jean Monnet was founded in 1969, with its main campus in Tréfilerie, Saint-Étienne. The school offers courses in arts, languages, letters, law, medicine, engineering, economics and management, human sciences, and administrative building (the Maison de l’Université).

Jean Monnet University also offers Science and sports courses on their Metare campus.

Paris Cité University

Students studying at the Paris Cité University are not placed under financial pressure as long as tuition is concerned because they pay only 170 EUR for Bachelor’s program. The public University is one of the cheapest that Paris has.

The various research sites and advanced educational tools provided for students in this institution are no match for the low fees they pay, which makes it among the best, cheap universities in France.

Paris Cité University is an educational organization pursuing academic excellence and has a solid reputation for being the catalyst of change through its comprehensive educational offerings.

CESI Graduate School of Engineering

Suppose your pursuit of higher education in Paris is around the engineering profession. In that case, the CESI Graduate School of Engineering is one of the best schools in the country for you. The low tuition cost makes it one of the cheapest in Paris.

Here, students are exposed to the necessary tools and resources that help them possess the skills needed for the current industry state.

CESI Graduate School of Engineering has solid foreign relations and educates students on recent changes in the industry. Despite the low tuition rate, they offer decent education quality.

Henri Poincaré University

Henri Poincaré University has a different fee structure for local and international students but remains one of the most affordable options in Paris.

Also known as Nancy 1, Henri Poincaré University offers higher studies in Science and technology, pharmacy, medicine, and engineering.

Henri Poincaré University is a good training ground for both local and international students, with affordable fees for Bachelor’s, master, and postgraduate courses.

Even after paying such low tuition fees, students are given access to state-of-the-art architecture and competent and competitive faculties.

The Henri Poincaré University is based in Nancy, a magnificent city in northeastern French and indirectly belongs to the French Nancy-Metz academy.

Blaise Pascal University

  • Tuition fees: range between 2000 -2600 EUR for all students depending on the course and the program.
  • Blaise Pascal University Admission Requirement Page 
  • Blaise Pascal University Tuition Details Page 

The Blaise Pascal University is another inexpensive university in Paris with tuition fees ranging from 2000 to 2,600 EUR for all students. However, there is usually a 30-50 percent discount on the tuition fees for the best international applicant.

The Blaise Pascal University is a public university in Paris founded in 1854. It offers bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Business and Social Science. But the popular programs at this University include Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Language and Cultural Studies, and Science and Technology.

With its main campus at Clermont-Ferrand, The Blaise Pascal University was created by the division of the University into two entities.


If you are looking for a cheap university in Paris, ESITC Paris is another university worth considering. Here, first-year international students are expected to pay a tuition fee of 6,990 Euros which is affordable compared to most other universities in Paris.

This private institution focuses on engineering courses and programs. The school has changed its name thrice within more than 30 years of operation. It was formerly referred to as ESTP Cachan before changing to ESITC Cachan and now ESITC Paris.

ESITC Paris offers a post-baccalaureate level education in Engineering. This will take 3 to 5 years to complete, but alternate training options exist.

Claude Bernard University

Claude Bernard university is another affordable university in France with a global ranking of 16th in the nation and 329th worldwide.

The public University is known for its quality education service offered at affordable tuition rates for both foreign and citizens. It focuses on Science and Medicine, but there are other options for students in other careers.

The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 has campuses in Gerland, Rockefeller, and Laennec, but its central teaching and research facilities are located in Villeurbanne. The school offers courses in the fields of Science and technology, health, and sport.

According to sources, the annual cost of accommodation and personal expenses at Université Claude Bernard is around $677 to $1,244 per month, depending on the individual lifestyle and location where the student is based.

ECE Paris

École centrale d’électronique (ECE) is an engineering school with an amazingly cheap tuition rate in Paris.

The institution specializes in IT studies, including IT systems, finance, and networks, offering students world-class education without requiring them to break their wallets.

École centrale d’électronique has three campuses across France. There is one in Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux.

The school offers Bachelor’s, engineering, master’s, and exchange programs on these campuses.


Studying in Paris is a good decision, judging from the country’s multicultural environment, delicious cuisine, and excellent education system. It is no surprise that France consistently ranks as the ideal study-abroad destination for international students worldwide.

Living in France can be costly, depending on the city you are based in. But in the central city, Paris, there is hope for students, thanks to the many cheap universities in Paris.

Another good thing about the cheap universities listed above is that they all have seamless application procedures. The low tuition fees attract numerous housing options, making accommodation easy to break through financially.

Final thoughts

It is widely believed that private educational institutions are more rewarding than public universities. The narrative is different when it comes to studying in France. Even if you attend a cheap university in Paris, you can get a decent quality education.

Tertiary education in Paris with higher tuition fees is so because the programs requested under those institutions have global recognition. Examples of these special programs are Medicine, Engineering, etc.

Overall, too many cheap universities in Paris prove that studying in France, even as an international student, is affordable compared to other European countries.

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