10 Top Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix (2023)

Mexican dish is numerous in the city of Phoenix. With more than 200 restaurants in Phoenix, knowing which restaurant serves the most quality and affordable Mexican dishes can be challenging. In this article, I explore the ten best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix.

Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix

Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix: Best 10

These are the ten best restaurants in Phoenix that serve quality Mexican dishes:

1. Analilia’s Riquezas

Analilia’s Riquezas tops the list of the best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. This restaurant offers Mexican dishes in a friendly, family, and cosy atmosphere. Analilia’s Riquezas’s dishes include French fries in a bowl with consumed rice and beans. Also, Analilia’s Riquezas serves ramen in a grilled cheese sandwich built on butter Texas toast or in a burrito.

  • Address: 8520 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345
  • Phone: 623-738-2930

2. Ta’ Carbon

Ta’ Carbon serves one of the best Mexican dishes in the world. This restaurant is well-known as a taco spot. Ta’ Carbon serve dishes like carne asada, barbacoa, tripitas de leche, lengua, etc.

  • Address: 2929 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85019
  • Phone: (602) 682-7701
  • Website: https://tacarbon.com/

3. Testal Mexican Kitchen

Testal Mexican Kitchen ranks third among the ten excellent Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. This restaurant is famous for its doughball. Testal Mexican Kitchen’s doughballs are made fresh daily and used to wrap open-ended burritos. Some of Testal Mexican Kitchen’s dishes include chicharron, desperado, etc. Testal Mexican Kitchen also serves an extensive drinks list, including Iskiate, lime juice, and agave nectar.

  • Address: 1325 NW Grand Ave Suite #1, Phoenix, AZ 85007
  • Phone: (602) 384-9993
  • Website: https://www.testalphx.com/

4. Bacanora

Bacanora serves Mexican dishes like flame-licked steaks, spatchcocked chicken, blackened elote, etc. Also, Bacanora serves small-plate specials that include cucumber salad and a radish, grilled octopus or agua chile. Bacanora also serves drinks like Sonora’s agave-based spirit filled with piloncillo, cinnamon, and smoke.

5. Presidio Cocina Mexicana

Presidio Cocina Mexicana is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. Some of Presidio Cocina Mexicana include house-made chorizo, chilaquiles, elite, crisp-edge carnitas, cinnamon-dusted horchata, etc. Also, Presidio Cocina Mexicana offers a variety of drinks and spirits.

  • Address: 519 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013
  • Phone: (602) 279-8420
  • Website: https://www.presidiophx.com/

6. Tacos Chiwas

Tacos Chiwas serves quality Mexican dishes like crispy fried tripas, melting beef cheek barbacoa, and tender lengua. All of Tacos Chiwas’s dishes are tucked in handmade corn tortillas and served at the salsa bar. Tacos Chiwas have other Mexican food hubs that serve tacos, puffy flour gorditas, laden with deshebrada roja or rajas picadillo.

  • Address: 1028 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014
  • Phone: (602) 358-8830
  • Website: https://www.tacoschiwas.com/

7. Barrio Café

Barrio Café is among the best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. Some of Barrio Café’s dishes include ensalada barrio, queso fundido, cuali de Cameron, churros, pollo poblano, etc . Also, Barrio Café offers an extensive cocktail menu.

  • Address: 2814 N 16th St #1205, Phoenix, AZ 85006
  • Phone: (602) 636-0240
  • Website: https://www.barriocafe.com/

8. Casa Corazon Restaurant

Casa Corazon Restaurant serves Mexican dishes like Veracruz-style fish, chicken tinga, ceviche tostadas, enchiladas, gorditas, etc. Also, Casa Corazon Restaurant serves lightly steamed tacos al vapour dipped in red chile. Casa Corazon Restaurant has an extensive cocktail menu.

  • Address: 2637 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
  • Phone: (602) 334-1917
  • Website: https://casacorazonrestaurant.com/

9. Mariscos Playa Hermosa

Mariscos Playa Hermosa ranks ninth among the ten prime Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. This restaurant is well-known for its Mexican seafood. Mariscos Playa Hermosa serves seafood like raw oysters, seafood tostadas and soups, and shrimp cocktails. Also, Mariscos Playa Hermosa serves grilled or fried fish, hot lava steak paella, El Epligroso, mango habanero aguachile, etc.

  • Address: 1605 E Garfield St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
  • Phone: (602) 462-1563
  • Website: https://www.mariscosplayahermosa.com/

10. Gallo Blanco

Gallo Blanco is famous for its top-notch tacos and chunky guacamole brightened with orange segments and tortas. This restaurant’s most amazing tortas are layered with avocado, fried eggs, and carne asada. Also, Gallo Blanco serves a drinks menu.


Phoenix is well-known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a “cheap and cheerful” spot for tacos with your friends or Mexican food made with family recipes, there’s an option to suit your needs. Go through the article above carefully to see the top Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, visit and get the best dining experience. Bon Appetit!

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