How To Travel When You Have No Money (2023 Guide)

I have always been a travel buff and love to meet new people. The most common conversation we have had is how money holds them back from venturing out into new experiences. Of course, you do not need to be rich to travel, and there are a lot of ways in which you can travel under a budget.

You may need some of the most necessary accessories while you travel. In the following article, we will discuss some ways (including popular apps and websites) that you can use to travel when you have virtually no money. So, let us get started right into it and make memories of a lifetime.

Ways to travel when you have no money

Volunteer at Restaurants and Hostels

Some vacation rentals, including hostels, offer volunteer programs where one can get free stays. What do you need to get selected for these programs?

Well, most require you to perform menial tasks and help with the operations. For example, if you have good video shooting and social media marketing skills, you can work on creating content for the stay’s promotion. You could also join travel companies as a team leader for their expeditions to explore offbeat places for free and even get paid for it.

Get an Overseas Job

If you are ready to go for trivial jobs but are not secure for long-term options, you could get an overseas job. Some popular and easy jobs that you can join when you are on the move are:-

  • Housekeeper/nanny – You need to live with a family, take care of the house, and sometimes look after their kids. The job means that you get a free place to stay, a small salary for your expenditures, and opportunities to experience a new culture.
  • Waiter/Waitress/Bartender – Several restaurants look for extra help to handle the tourist influx in peak seasons. You need proper skills to become a bartender, which is why a good alternative would be to look for a waitress/waiter job.
  • Cruise, Park, and Other Recreational Place Worker – Resorts, cruises, amusement parks in Dubai, and other recreational spots often need instructors and other workers for maintenance. Looking for such a job during peak seasons is the most beneficial and involves a handsome salary.

Work For Farms listed on WWOOF

WWOOF, the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, is a platform that lets you work on farms and offers a place to stay in exchange.

You need to pay for your transportation to and from the farm and do not need to worry about the food and stay. The experience is unique and lets you learn to work in a diverse team.

Travel To Cheaper Destinations at Off-Season

Choosing a budget destination like Asia or the Middle East will enable you to get more experiences with the same money as destinations like the Maldives. Moreover, travelling off-season means lesser tourists and more inclination towards providing additional discounts.

It also means that you can explore popular places without the regular crowd. However, make sure to check the weather forecasts and plan the itinerary accordingly.

Use Flight Rewards and Lounge Access

If you have a stable job, make it a point to boost and maintain your credit score. This will help you access exclusive rewards and discounts on flights and hotels.

Some travel credit cards also offer sign-up bonuses and allow you to access the airport lounges. Thus, you can save on food costs at the airport and in some cases, get flight tickets for free too (when you have enough travel miles).

Sign Up on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a website connecting tourists with hosts and fellow travelers. You can easily find a host on the platform, stay for free, and explore the city with them.

You could also register as a host in your city, which might help you meet new people, extend your social connections, and get ideas for new travel destinations.

Use the Apps Made for Travelers

Some travel resources available on your phone that may help you save money are:-

  • Airbnb and Booking for cheap stays
  • Hopper and Skyscanner for budget flights
  • XE Currency Converter to make it easier to exchange money
  • WhatsApp and Skype to contact your family without extra international charges.


You can easily travel on a budget or with no money if you can combine several tips. One key piece of advice would be to let go of the traditional idea that travelling means transportation using flights and staying at hotels.

Travelling via local buses to explore the city instead of cabs and staying at hostels and homestays instead of resorts are cheaper ways to help you travel the world. These compromises also help you immerse yourself in the culture and live the life of the locals. We hope the article offered some ideas on how you can travel when you have no money.