10 Best Italian Restaurants in Charleston SC (2023)

Hey! Discover the finest Italian restaurants in Charleston, serving delicious old-world flavors. You can satisfy your pasta cravings with perfectly al dente dishes in this charming coastal city. Check out this article for the ten best Italian restaurants in Charleston SC.

Italian Restaurants in Charleston SC

Restaurants in Charleston SC

These are the ten top Italian restaurants in Charleston SC:

1. Melfi’s

Discover Melfi’s, a culinary gem in the Southeast. Transport yourself to a magical Italian experience with their authentic dishes and creative innovations. Don’t miss Melfi’s must-try galeto – it’s simply unforgettable! However, Melfi’s tops appear first on the list of the ten best Italian restaurants in Charleston SC.

Address: 721 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

2. Le Farfalle

Le Farfalle in Charleston is a budget-friendly restaurant offering exquisite Italian cuisine. This restaurant’s menu boasts iconic flavors that create a harmonious culinary experience. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff enhance Le Farfalle’s dining pleasure. Don’t miss Le Farfalle’s must-try dish, the delectably rich Cacio e Pepe Fusilli. Enjoy world-class Italian comfort food without breaking the bank.

Address: 15 Beaufain St, Charleston, SC 29401

3. Indaco

Indaco in Charleston offers a delightful blend of traditional Italian dishes with a touch of innovation. The menu features homemade pasta, delicious pizzas, and excellent cocktails. Whether you’re a longtime Italian food lover or looking for a cozy and lively spot for a date or night out with friends, Indaco is a must-visit. However, Indaco ranks third among the ten top Italian restaurants in Charleston SC.

Address: 526 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

4. Gale Restaurant

Gale Restaurant, with its friendly staff and exceptional attention to detail. Don’t miss their acclaimed pizzas, rated the city’s finest, and save room for their delectable desserts. A truly outstanding dining experience awaits!

Address: 601 Meeting St, Suite 140, Charleston, SC 29403

5. Mario’s Italian Ristorante

Mario’s Italian Ristorante is one of the beset Italian restaurants in Charleston SC. You can indulge in Mario’s Italian Ristorante’s standout Gnocchi with Chicken. Also, you can explore their impressive wine list, perfect for pairing with any Italian classic you choose. Mario’s Italian Ristorante is a go-to spot for locals seeking a memorable and delicious dining experience.

Address: 487 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

6. Mondo’s Italian Restaurant

Mondo’s is a beloved Italian restaurant known for its delicious and genuine cuisine, drawing locals with its generous portion sizes. The Gorgonzola Salad impresses with its perfect balance. Still, Mondo’s Italian Restaurant’s menu star is the Gorgonzola Cheese Pasta with Veal, offering a delightful mix of crispy and tender veal infused with bold Italian flavors.

Address: 915 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 29412

7. Frannie & The Fox

Frannie & The Fox is a laid-back Italian restaurant serving top-notch wood-fired cuisine with a delightful range of regional dishes. Don’t miss Frannie & The Fox’s must-try Sausage & Fennel Pizza, perfect for sharing with friends. However, Frannie & The Fox ranks seventh among the top Italian restaurants in Charleston SC.

Address: 181 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401

8. Pizzeria Di Giovanni

Discover the perfect late-night spot for New York-style pizza in Charleston – Pizzeria Di Giovanni. You can satisfy your cravings with Pizzeria Di Giovanni’s unique flavor combinations and classic slices. Pizzeria Di Giovanni, located in the French Quarter, it’s a must-visit institution for pizza lovers.

Address: 40 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

9. The Obstinate Daughter

The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan Island in South Carolina is a charming restaurant known for its Italian cuisine with a Low Country twist. This Low Country twist incorporates elements from French and Spanish cuisines. Locals love the ricotta gnocchi with short ribs and the old danger pizza topped with a farm egg.

The Obstinate Daughther’s rustic island vibe inside and the inviting outdoor patio make it a great spot for casual brunch, lunch, or dinner. However, The Obstinate Daughter ranks ninth among the ten best Italian restaurants in Charleston SC.

  • Address: 2063 Middle St Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
  • Contact: (843) 416-5020

10. Vincent Chiccos

Vincent Chiccos is an Italian restaurant in Charleston’s Hutson Alley. This restaurant is renowned for its classic Italian cuisine, popular dishes include cacio y pepe and tuscan braised short rib. Be prepared for a possible wait, as this romantic spot is no hidden gem. Get a taste of Charleston’s prohibition history at this delightful eatery.

  • Address: 39 John St Ste G Hutson Alley Charleston, SC 29403
  • Contact: (843) 203-3002


You can explore Charleston’s diverse Italian dining scene, ranging from casual trattorias to upscale fine-dining options. Embrace the chance to experience authentic Italian cuisine and celebrate special occasions while still in the city. From the comfort of Charleston, be whisked away to the flavors and ambiance of Italy. Check out the article above for the ten best Italian restaurants in Charleston SC.

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