Norwegian Embassy In Nigeria Address, Contact & Requirements

Norway embassy Nigeria

You are here because you want to get more information on the Norway embassy in Nigeria, welcome to the right place. In this post, we are going to cover all the details Nigerian applicants need to know about the Norway Embassy in Nigeria as well as the Norway visa application process and the requirements. When … Read more

Turkish Embassy Abuja Address, Email & Contact (2022)

Turkish embassy Abuja

Just so you know, about 40 thousand tourists travel to Turkey every year and some of these tourists are of course from Nigeria. You are here because you want to find more information about applying for a Turkey visa from Nigeria and about the Turkish embassy available in Abuja. Well, you are in the right … Read more

Top 5 Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day 2022

fun things to do on valentines day

Either you are a male or female, there’s a huge responsibility placed automatically upon everyone to make this special day of love to feel so romantic and special indeed. So, in this post we’re going to cover the Top 5 fun things anyone can do on Valentine’s Day. Are you lost in ideas or got … Read more

Dubai Visa Fee From Nigeria 2022 (Price List)

dubai visa fee in nigeria

One of the important questions that Nigerians who want to travel to Dubai ask is the Dubai visa fee from Nigeria. Many fake and outdated answers on the internet may mislead you during the visa application and payment process. In this article, we are going to give you complete detail on the current Dubai visa … Read more

Top 10 Remarkable Beach Resorts In Lagos Nigeria (2022)

Beach resorts in Lagos

These are the best beach resorts we have in Lagos and across Nigeria. See the list of private and public beach resorts worth visiting. The center of excellence, Lagos is blessed with a lot of private and holiday resorts especially on the highland where important businesses are established. If you’ve been wanting to visit a … Read more

American Deli Menu Prices 2022 (Fries, Wings & Combo)

american deli menu prices

American deli offers delicious and affordable sandwiches, salads, soups, and drinks to satisfy any taste. You can choose from over 350 types of deli meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, plus prepared foods made just for you including pasta and salads. You can also get classic sandwiches like corned beef and cabbage or hot dogs served … Read more

Eyo Festival In Lagos 2022 Facts, Date & Images

Eyo festival

If we are going to list the major tourist attraction in Lagos State, the Eyo festival will be among the top list. It is a very popular Yoruba festival in Lagos, Nigeria. If you are a Lagosian, you are probably going to be familiar with every single word we will share in this post (well, … Read more

How To Travel To Canada And Pay Later In 2022

travel to canada now and pay later

How To Travel To Canada And Pay Later Who says you have to cancel your plan of traveling to Canada because you are low on budget or cashless? To every problem, there’s always a solution to it. So is traveling to Canada and having to pay later. How worry-free your solution is depends on the … Read more

Dana Flight From Abuja To Lagos 2022 Schedule & Price


Dana flight from Abuja to Lagos is one of the most travelled routes of the 2008 established airline. This airline is one of the major domestic airlines in the country that is committed to the provision of an efficient and memorable travelling experience to its customers. To know more about Dana flight and how to … Read more

Amazing Rural Places To Visit In England In 2022

rural places in England

I cherish every moment that I spend time with my dad driving around rural places in the country. The tranquility of going natural and in-depth, seeing new faces, and patronizing honest traders are acts of kindness every traveler should adopt. So if you are in England, there are some rural areas you can visit. I’ve … Read more

Top 8 Best West African Countries To Visit In 2022

best west african countries to visit

Have you been to West Africa? Or are you considering several factors such as security, wildlife ecosystem, and the cost of getting to these countries?  Well, we are happy to tell you that there are some jaw-dropping places and scenic views in West Africa that you should visit before the year runs out.  Needless to … Read more

Best Places To Live In Lagos, Nigeria (2022)

best place to live in Lagos

No doubt, this is a very common question amongst those planning to move their family to Lagos due to reasons best known to them, he or she may want a neighborhood where there is peace of mind, a neat environment, and friendly settlers no matter the cost. Are you in such a category in the … Read more

Top 20 Beautiful UK Countryside Destinations 2022

If you have been wondering where to go on vacation, there are places that could blow your mind as regards their view and atmosphere. The UK countryside is some of the most stunning places in the world. Some of the things the UK countryside possess that make them amazing for a visit are the atmosphere … Read more

Most Beautiful Places In England Countryside 2022

england countryside

England’s overtime has earned to be one of the charming and heart-melting places in the world. England countryside is also known as the UK countryside is outstanding for awesome architectural designs. A tour to one of these countrysides may as well be one of the experiences you have wanted to feel. However, if you have … Read more

Pancake Hub – A Nice Sumptuous Breakfast Spot In Yaba

breakfast restaurant in Yaba

While some Pancake restaurants around Yaba offer delicious package, we ate another Pancake that gave our soul a refreshing moment. When last did you enjoy a very sumptuous pancake and some tasty fruit juice? if you are probably thinking of an answer to that then you will find out something new on this page! While … Read more

Ibile Foods And Lounge – A Hidden Gem In The Heart Of Abule Egba

ibile foods and lounge

Hey guys, let’s talk about  local meals like you’ve never had. As a multi-ethnic city, Lagos is a fertile ground for fabulously delicious delicacies. From the east, west, north and south to virtually every corner in-between the center of excellence, there are a plethora of spice-rich flavorful dishes that tie Lagosians together. Speaking about local … Read more

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