How to Apply for a UK Visa

How to apply for a UK visa

Getting to do a UK visa application in Nigeria only takes a few steps. If you are looking to travel to the UK and you do not know how to go about your visa application, this article will give you all the guides you need. Applying for a visa is dependent on the purpose of … Read more

Canada Visa Lottery Application 2022

Canada Visa lottery

Are you willing to apply for the 2022 Canada visa lottery? Do you want to apply for a visa to Canada this year? Then you are in the right place. Canada is one of the best places for immigrants and tourists. The weather is also amazing as the winter makes gives you a cool feeling … Read more

USA Visa Application 2022

usa visa in Nigeria

Do you want to apply for a US visa? Are having a hard time with the application process and requirements? Then this article is for you. The application for a US visa is not as difficult as it may seem; with a few guides and instructions, you will have an idea of how to apply … Read more

American Visa Lottery Application 2022

America visa lottery

The American visa lottery is a program administered by the Department of State to increase the diversity of Immigrants. Being an annual exercise, the 2022 American visa lottery application also promises to offer this opportunity to eligible individuals. This is also known as the Diversity visa lottery — as it gives chances to diverse immigrants … Read more

United Kingdom Student Visa Application 2022

uk student visa 2021

The UK student visa is one of the most sought-after types of visa among students in the World.  Studying in the UK is a great destination for a lot of Nigerians and people all over the World. The UK provides good education with world-class facilities that attract a lot of students globally. If you are … Read more

UK Visa Fees in Nigeria 2022 in Naira

uk visa fees in Nigeria

The United Kingdom is one of the most desirable destinations for Nigerians. A lot of Nigerians travel to the UK for work, study, and even on a permanent residency. In 2022, UK visa fees in Nigeria have not changed a lot compared to the last few years. Visa applications for different purposes are a key … Read more

How To Travel To Canada And Pay Later In 2022

travel to canada now and pay later

How To Travel To Canada And Pay Later Who says you have to cancel your plan of traveling to Canada because you are low on budget or cashless? To every problem, there’s always a solution to it. So is traveling to Canada and having to pay later. How worry-free your solution is depends on the … Read more

How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022

how to migrate to germany from Nigeria

How to Migrate to Germany from Nigeria Migrating to a foreign country can be a great challenge – one that is worth the challenge too. The experience of moving to another country will make you have a lot to talk and write about in the next few years. For so many years, countless of foreigners … Read more

How To Calculate Canada Express Entry Points (2022 Guide)

How to Calculate Canada Express Entry Points

How to Calculate Canada Express Entry Points Canada is fast becoming a go-to country for everyone around the world due to its development in the economy. In order to keep its immigration under check, Canada Express Entry was introduced. What is Canada Express Entry? This is a system introduced by the Government of Canada in … Read more

China Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens 2022

china visa requirements for Nigerian citizen

Do you Know the China Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens? In the eastern part of Asia, the People’s Republic of China, legendary known as “the middle kingdom” is the only vast and most beautiful countries. Being a highly developed country that surpasses many other countries in the world in all ramifications of modern technology, China … Read more

How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria (2022 Cost)

how to relocate to canada

“Human inertia induces us to believe that our lives will never change unless we relocate.” This particular quote of Kilroy J. Oldster relatively connects with an imperative guide which I am about to share with you. Of course, you will agree with me that today, virtually all average citizens of Nigeria face one difficulty or … Read more

Canada Express Entry Application Guide 2022

canada express entry application

Are you aspiring to permanently relocate to Canada? In this article, you will learn all steps involved in successfully applying for Canada express entry 2022. This entry offers you the best opportunity of relocating to Canada this year. Although there are various methods of securing your luck of travelling to Canada, Canada express entry 2022 … Read more

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