New York University Steinhardt Acceptance Rate 2023

The New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, commonly called Steinhardt is a private research school.

New York University Steinhardt was founded in 1890 and is the first school of education to be established at an American university.

The institution is located in Greenwich Village. The New York University Steinhardt offers bachelor’s, master’s, advanced certificate, and doctoral programs in different fields such as Applied psychology, Art, Education, Health, Media, and Music.

The acceptance rate of the University of New York Steinhardt is on an average level. This means that quite a number of students are admitted into the University annually as undergraduates.

For the PhD programs, the acceptance rate is considered one of the lowest, among other universities. If you want to know the acceptance rate and weigh your chances of getting admitted into New York University Steinhardt, this article is for you.

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New York University Steinhardt Acceptance Rate

For Undergraduates

The current acceptance rate of New York University Steinhardt is 42% for undergraduates.

For Master’s and Advanced Certificates

The acceptance rate for Master’s and Advanced Certificates of New York University Steinhardt is an average of 50%.

For PhD. Programs

The PhD programs have a selective acceptance rate of 5%. This translates to 2-4 full-time students per year for the most competitive programs.

New York University Steinhardt requirements

The following are required to be submitted while processing to be admitted into New York University Steinhardt:

  • A resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • All post-secondary transcripts from previously-attended institutions
  • Exam results for English proficiency
  • And an optional portfolio

Portfolio samples should include outstanding work that highlights your niche, talents, and creative style.

New York University Steinhardt Departments

NYU Steinhardt has 10 departments which are:

Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology

The department offers Master’s, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs in Educational Leadership, Educational Communication and Technology, Higher and Postsecondary Education, and Business and Workplace Education.

Department of Applied Psychology

The Programs offered include an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology, a master’s degree in Counseling and Guidance, Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, Online Master’s in Counseling, Online Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, Online Master’s in School Counseling, and Human Development and Social Intervention.

The department also offers doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology, Psychological Development, Online Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, and Psychology and Social Intervention.

Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

They have various programs for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. The department also offers an online masters in speech-language pathology.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions

Academic programs include Sociology of Education, History of Education, Education and Social Policy, International Education, Education and Jewish Studies, Education Studies, and Applied Statistics in Social Science Research.

Department of Media, Culture, and Communication

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University Steinhardt offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions

Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions is home to nearly all of New York University’s music performance degree programs.

They offer degrees in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. The programs include Music Technology, Music Business, Music Composition, Film Scoring, Music Performance practices, Performing Arts therapies, and Performing Arts Education (in music, dance, and drama).

Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

They offer Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Studies, and Global Public Health.

Department of Occupational Therapy

They offer degree programs in occupational therapy which include an entry-level professional master of science, a post-professional master of arts, a doctor of philosophy, and a doctor of professional studies.

Department of Physical Therapy

For practising physical therapists, the department offers advanced degrees for post-professional education and training. Academic programs include a doctor of physical therapy, a master of arts with a speciality in Pathokinesiology(study of abnormal movement resulting in Pathology), research in physical therapy PhD, and a clinical residency program in orthopaedic physical therapy.

Department of Teaching and Learning

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs are available in areas of study such as childhood, literacy, environmental science, and bilingual education, with initial and professional certification options.

New York University Steinhardt Institutes

New York University Steinhardt has 12 research centres and institutes which impact actions around the globe.

Center for Health, Identity, Behavior, and Prevention Studies (CHIBPS)

CHIBPS is a leading HIV, drug abuse, and mental health behavior research center focused on the well-being of all people, including sexual, racial, ethnic, and cultural minorities.

CHIBPS develops research with and for the communities, it studies. It trains the future generation of behavioral and public health researchers and works with community partners to conduct research that resides on the difference between theory and practice.

Center for the Promotion of Research Involving Innovative Statistical Methodology (PRIISM)

PRIISM collaborates on research projects, trains graduate students, directs discussion groups, and leads a Method and Seminar Series and a biannual Statistics in Society lecture.

Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education (CHREO)

CHREO specializes in survey design, data collection, and reporting, using methodological approaches to inform complex educational issues and examine student learning.

Child and Family Policy Center

Faculty and researchers associated with the Center conduct research, technical assistance, and research dissemination activities.

Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technology (CREATE)

CREATE engages in research on the design, critique, and evaluation of advanced digital technologies for learning. Projects involve interdisciplinary teams of scholars and developers who bridge basic and applied research, development, and evaluation.

CREATE fosters collaboration among scholars within New York University and partnering institutions, nationally and internationally, and provides a range of research opportunities for students at New York University Steinhardt.

Institute for Education and Social Policy (IESP)

Founded in 1995 as a partnership between Steinhardt and the NYU Wagner School of Public Service, IESP conducts non-biased scientific research about US education and related social issues.

Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC)

IHDSC supports more than 40 faculty affiliates from the social, behavioral, and health sciences in studying how social forces such as globalization, technology, and immigration affect human development.

The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and Transformation of Schools (Metro Center)

The Center is directed by Dr. David Kirkland. Its programs serve more than 5,000 classroom staff, impacting 125,000 students.

The Reading Recovery Program Northeast Regional Site

Reading Recovery is a short-term early literacy intervention designed to accelerate progress and lift achievement levels for low-performing first-grade students.

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools

The Research Alliance conducts rigorous studies on topics that matter to New York City’s public schools. It maintains a unique archive of longitudinal data on city schools and communities and advances educational equity by providing non-biased evidence about policies and practices that promote student development and academic success.

The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy

The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy defines and assesses challenges facing colleges and universities.

Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education

The Wallerstein Collaborative works with K-12 educators, graduate students, and college faculty. The Collaborative conducts year-round programs for public school teachers to incorporate environmental education opportunities in their classrooms.

Does New York University Steinhardt offer Online programs?

Yes, Steinhardt offers both master’s and doctorate degrees online. Fields of study include education, counselling, occupational therapy, and communicative sciences and disorders.

Should you attend NYU Steinhardt?

It is clear that New York University Steinhardt is a great school that offers different programs in an amazing and intellectual environment.

Steinhardt alumni experience success in virtually every industry, particularly so as entrepreneurs. What makes Steinhardt unique is its commitment to educating the whole person.

If you want to attain success in every area of life or whatever industry you find yourself in, you could consider going to New York University Steinhardt.

What kind of students is NYU Steinhardt looking for?

Steinhardt seeks to admit students who have an established background in the area they wish to pursue, and are willing to conduct research with the current faculty members.

They also want students who are interested in a deep and broad study of media, culture, and communication.

The students who are best suited to thrive at Steinhardt are curious people, who understand the interdisciplinary nature of subjects and industries, and who are committed, above all else, to improving the health and wellbeing of their fellow members of the human race.


New York University Steinhardt strives for ethical and value-driven leadership. They offer great degrees for Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctoral programs.

The school strives to impact the students and make sure they learn beyond the classroom. New York University Steinhardt is also considered one of the prestigious universities, due to its high standards.

It is not one of the Ivy League schools but it isn’t inferior to them. If you found this article helpful, drop a comment. You can also find up-to-date acceptance rates for all Universities and Colleges in the USA on our study abroad page.