Penn GSE Acceptance Rate 2023

Penn Graduate School of Education sometimes referred to as Penn GSE, is one of the top performing graduate schools of education in the United States. It is an Ivy League school offering high-quality research and practical knowledge.

In fact, obtaining a graduate degree from Penn GSE might be one of the best decisions you have ever made. A degree opens up whole new worlds for you. If you are passionate and innovative about being a leader, Penn GSE is the place for you.

However, aspiring to be one is not enough, as you need to cross some hurdles to make it into the school. To do this, you should be aware of the acceptance rate to help you determine how competitive the admission process is at the school.

In this article, I will show you the Penn GSE acceptance rate. In addition, you will find out the major requirements for admission as well as how to go about your admission process. Let’s dive straight in!

What is the Penn GSE acceptance rate?

As I mentioned earlier, Penn Graduate School of Education is one of the top-performing schools of education in the United States. It is also recognized as one of the most influential education schools around the world.

Judging by this, it is expected that the acceptance rate will be relatively low. Well, Penn GSE has an acceptance rate of 8.5%, which is considered very low. That is, if a total of ten thousand students apply, only 850 will be admitted.

Generally, the stats at Penn Graduate School of Education are quite impressive. Most of the applicants are top performers in the GRE, hence the reason for the high competition. If you are determined to take a grad program at the school, you should be ready to put in enough work.

However, even with its tough acceptance criteria, Penn GSE graduates more doctoral students per faculty than many other top-performing schools of education in the United States. The school remains committed to producing great education leaders.

Penn GSE Application Review Process

Before you send in applications to Penn Graduate School of Education, you should have a basic idea of how the whole process works. As a result, I will show you the Penn GSE application review process, detailing the whole process.

Firstly, you should know that the application process is thorough, and admission is strictly on merit. Each application is considered and reviewed individually before admissions are offered. The team looks out for important criteria before admission.

One of the most important criteria looked for is a demonstration of a strong commitment to education in students. Also, students who show signs of personal and academic success at the Ivy League institution are admitted.

There is no limit to those who can apply for the Penn Graduate School of Education program. No matter your background or life experiences, you are definitely welcome to apply for the postgraduate and doctoral programs at Penn GSE.

Also, have in mind that admission into the doctoral programs is highly selective and competitive at Penn Graduate School of Education. To stand better chances of getting admitted, applicants should research the various faculties as well as their areas of interest.

In addition, applicants should get familiar with the several research centers, initiatives, and projects at Penn Graduate School of Education. Acquaintance with these projects will better your chances of securing admission to the program.

To help applicants get more acquainted with the school as well as its faculty and programs, Penn GSE invites a small number of Ed.D. and Ph.D. applicants to campus. The visit is usually free and organized during February.

How much is the Penn GSE Application fee?

Penn GSE application is entirely free; however, it might come with a fee at some point. It all depends on the time of application. Usually, students who send in applications between September 1, and March 1, do not have to pay application fees.

However, if you are applying at any other time outside the specified bracket, then you have to pay the $75 application fee. If you are really interested in getting the application fee waiver, you should work towards applying within the specific period.

Also, applicants with specific program affiliations may be eligible to receive a fee waiver. Please take note that this does not apply to every program offered at the Penn Graduate School of Education. Once again, the application fee is $75 IF you apply outside the specified time bracket.

Requirements to apply to Penn GSE

Asides from your application, there are other materials you will have to provide while applying for programs at the Penn Graduate School of Education. These materials are as important as the application itself; therefore, you must take them seriously.

Statement of Purpose:

The statements of purpose are the most important material to submit after the application form itself. It is required for every applicant to submit, irrespective of the program they are applying to. It focuses on several things.

Basically, the statement of purpose is written by the applicant describing the reason they have chosen the school and the program. However, depending on the program, you might be asked to touch on other aspects.


For some programs, you will be required to submit a résumé or CV to process your application. To know if you will need to submit a CV with your application, you should visit the Penn GSE application portal and look up your desired program.


Just like the résumé, GRE depends on the program you are applying into. For some programs, it is important that you provide your GRE scores for your application to be processed. For others, it is not necessary.

In some cases, too, GRE will not be required but will be reviewed if provided in the application. This can help boost your chances of admission as an applicant. In some other cases, GRE will not be required and will not be reviewed even if provided.

Letter of Recommendation:

Most of the programs at Penn GSE require that applicants include letters of recommendation in their applications. The number of recommendation letters you need will be specified in the program you are applying to. To see this, check the Penn GSE application portal.

Other Materials for Penn GSE Application

Aside from all the materials mentioned in the previous subsection, there are other things that are usually considered with applications. One of these is transcripts. You will have to obtain transcripts from prior undergraduate or graduate institutions to apply to Penn GSE.

Your transcript will show a list of the programs and courses you have offered in previous institutions, as well as the scores you have obtained on each of them. Transcripts might take a while to get, so it is advisable to get them ready as early as possible.

Also, you might need to take English language exams before you submit your applications. However, it all depends on the program you are applying for. For example, the Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management Ed.D. program does not require an English Language exam.

Does Penn GSE require GRE?

Only specified programs at Penn GSE require GRE. It is important that you confirm if the program you have interest in requires GRE before you send in your application. Sending an application without GRE for a program that requires it will render the application invalid.

However, if the program you are applying to does not require GRE, sending your scores with your application will have no effect on the admission process. Since it is not required, then it serves no purpose. Only include GRE scores where necessary.

If you have confirmed that you need GRE to apply for a particular program at Penn GSE, you might want to know the required score. I recommend a GRE score above 320 as good to secure admission into Penn GSE. Please do not limit yourself to this.

Is Penn GSE competitive?

In as much as it does not sound so pleasant, Penn GSE is highly competitive. Admission into any of its programs is selective and competitive. You have to meet up with the specified requirement and also beat other candidates to be offered admission.

The acceptance rate is 8%, which is one of the lowest acceptance rates in the United States. However, other graduate programs at the school are less competitive than their doctoral programs.

Final Words

In coming years, it is possible that there will be an increase in the Penn GSE acceptance rate as to what it is today. Possibly, there will be advanced and greater amenities in place to cater to more students, hence putting a rise to its yearly acceptance rate.

For now, its acceptance rate remains 8%. Therefore, you should be ready to work and have what it takes to be among the lucky 8% that will be admitted in the coming academic year.

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