List Of 9 Fun Things to do in Perrysburg, Ohio

Although Perrysburg may not be as well-known as other American cities, don’t be deceived by that. Perrysburg is a newer, smaller, and lovely tourist spot that is well worth a trip. In addition, you might be shocked by some of the unusual activities and locations you can discover in this undiscovered location.

If you intend to travel to the US but are unsure whether Perrysburg belongs on your schedule, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of some of the things to do in Perrysburg.

9 Fun Things To Do In Perrysburg, Ohio 

1. Worship At The Cedar Creek Church

The Perrysburg campus of Cedar Creek Church is a church with a difference. A band is housed in the location where all of the colleges assemble for five similar services. A band that connects you to the divine lets you forget about the world and its problems and remains in you forever as worship.

 The band is incredible, especially since it performs in a respectful setting. Moreover, it is not difficult to locate the church since it is visible from every part of the city. 


Location: 29129 Lime City Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States


2. Laugh Out Loud At The Funnybone Comedy Club

You may spend quality time with your family at Perrysburg’s Funny Bone Comedy Club if you’re looking for something entertaining to do. The Comedy Club is a venue where the audience can enjoy various comedic acts. Everyone is welcome at the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

The club has brought in renowned comedians from around the world and the local scene since it opened. The club is so well-respected by both the locals and the visitors who go there. The customer service is exceptional, and the concerts are very affordable. The staffs are helpful and eager to answer questions.


Location: 6140 Levis Commons Blvd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States


3. Enjoy The Knight Nature Preserve

Knight Nature Preserve is the ideal location if you’re seeking a lovely setting to appreciate nature’s simplicity. For individuals who enjoy fishing, this reserve has a fishing area. Aside from that, the reserve features attractive pathways for hiking, biking, and strolling.

 You can observe uncommon and migratory birds in a separate area designated for bird watching. The location offers rental facilities for special occasions. The rooms are spacious and well-kept. This is a great location for wildlife exploration and observation.


Location: 29530 White Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States


4. Visit The Riverside Park

Riverside Park, as its name suggests, is another recreational destination close to the Maumee River. The grounds, however, are elevated, allowing for larger vistas of the river and the forested banks on the other end.

Two cannons from the USS Constitution have been residing in this park since 1934 after being presented to the neighbourhood in 1915. The park features paved and ornamented walking paths, riverside benches, and miniature gardens that blossom in the spring and summer.

Even a large swing provides unobstructed views of the river and sky, making it ideal for a romantic moment alone. In the winter, it’s a great location for taking winter scenery photos and watching fireworks.


Location: 245 W Front St, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States


5. Go Back In Time At The Meigs Historic Site

Fort Meigs Historic Site was constructed to defend other American forts in the Northwest Territory from British naval assaults during the British-American War.

It was given the Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr. name because he was the Ohio governor at the time. Throughout the war, it faced sieges but emerged victorious against its enemies. So today, a 65-acre park where the fort stood celebrates the pivotal moments that resulted in the American victory.

The area’s most noticeable feature is the white obelisk in the centre of the park, which serves as a memorial to those who fought bravely in combat. It is surrounded by recreated grounds that include wooden fences, trenches, and attack-related buildings.


Location: 29100 W River Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States


6. Visit The Maumee River Waves

The headwaters of the Maumee River begin in Indiana and extend over 137 miles before flowing into Lake Erie. As the main irrigation, fish, and transportation source, it is the most important resource in Perrysburg and the neighbouring areas.

The river contains a lot of historical and military sites spread out throughout its length because of its strategic significance. Today, boating, kayaking, and canoeing are popular watersports that may be enjoyed along the river.

If you want to see the wildlife in this river, you are invited to board one and travel to the islands and riverbanks. Fishing is another significant activity with freshwater game fish like carp, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and catfish swimming beneath the surface.



7. Explore The Orleans Park

Orleans Park is a delightful outdoor destination ideal for the whole family. The best lookouts in the area are accessible by walking pathways that lead through spacious, open spaces with plenty of parking, picnic tables, and picnic tables.

One of these routes even connects to the Fort Meigs Historic Site, making it simple to get to the other place. In addition, there are launches for jet skis, canoes, and kayaks that will make it simple for you to enter the Maumee River if you intend to get wet.

Location: 655 Maumee Western Reserve Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States



8. Checkout The Farmers Market

Make a pit stop at Perrysburg Farmers Market if you’re looking for high-quality produce while on vacation. The street merchants will set up shop downtown and display their most recent harvests whether it rains or shines.

You can be sure you’re buying high-quality products from nearby farms and gardens. Check out root crops, seasonal vegetables, fruit varietals, and other goods.

Additionally, there are products manufactured by regional companies, such as preserved meats, excellent baked delicacies, and handmade accessories. The location occasionally hosts live music performances.


Location: Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States


9. Relax Your Nerves At the Float Spa

In 2009, the first True Rest Float Spa opened. Founders Nick and Holly Janicki searched the globe for the most advanced therapeutic techniques for their use. They think that float therapy can enhance the coordination between the mind and the body!

In a float pod containing more than 2000 pounds of Epsom salts and 10 inches of water, you can easily float as though on air. Although there are various benefits, the most typical outcomes are enhanced sleep, profound relaxation, and natural pain relief.

Location:  5140 Chappel Dr, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States




Perrysburg is a very underrated place for many tourists. This is because Perrysburg is a hidden gem in the Great Lakes region. The riverside parks, comedy clubs, and historical buildings are just some of the sites that would make you enjoy your stay.

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