10 Leading Korean Restaurants in San Antonio (2023)

San Antonio is a city in Texas, United States of America. This city has many restaurants that feature all kinds of cuisines, including Korean cuisine. Within this article, I highlight the ten leading Korean restaurants in San Antonio and other additional details about the restaurants.

Korean Restaurants in San Antonio

Korean Restaurants in San Antonio: Best 10 

These are the ten best restaurants in San Antonio that feature Korean cuisines:

1. Seoul Food Korean Grill

Seoul Food Korean Grill features Korean food and drinks. Some of Seoul Food Korean Grill’s dishes include spicy chicken soup, kimchi pancake, mul nang myun, fried dumplings, etc. Seoul Food Korean Grill is famous for its spicy kitchen soup, fried dumplings, and bulgogi.

  • Website: http://www.seoulfoodsa.com
  • Telephone: (210) 476-5135
  • Address: 2456 Harry Wurzbach Rd San Antonio, TX 78209

2. Korean Market

Korean Market ranks second on the list of the best Korean restaurants in San Antonio. Some Korean Market dishes include grilled mackerel, pork belly, bulgogi, beef fried rice, etc. Korean Market is famous for its beef bulgogi, fried chicken, spicy beef vegetable, and Korean rice cake.

  • Website: https://www.seoulasianmarket.com/
  • Telephone: (210) 646-7005
  • Address: 6210 Fairdale Dr. Ste 1 San Antonio, TX 78218

3. Gogi Street

Gogi Street is famous for its Korean San Antonio bowl, spicy Alamo bowl, honey-glazed egg rolls, Korean BBQ beef bowl, etc. This restaurant also features an extensive drinks menu. Gogi Street features professional, friendly service and online delivery services.

  • Telephone: (210) 455-5574
  • Address: 12820 Jones Maltsberger Rd Ste 104 San Antonio, TX 78247

4. Seoul Asian Food Market & Café

Seoul Asian Food Market & Café ranks fourth among the ten leading Korean restaurants in San Antonio. This restaurant is famous for its spicy rice cakes, pork bone soup, kimchi stew, spicy pork bulgogi, and many others. Seoul Asian Food Market & Café also offers an extensive wine list.

  • Website: https://www.seoulasianmarket.com/
  • Telephone: (210) 822-1529
  • Address: 1005 Rittiman Rd Ste 101 San Antonio, TX 78218

5. K-Bop

K-Bop is another leading Korean restaurant in San Antonio. This restaurant is famous for its beef bulgogi bowl, fried chicken dumplings, and spicy chicken bulgogi bowl, among other dishes. K-Bop also offers classic delivery services and takeouts.

  • Website: http://kbopstx.com
  • Telephone: (512) 749-9007
  • Address: 301 N Guadalupe St Ste 164 San Marcos, TX 78666

6. Chas Market & Kitchen

Chas Market & Kitchen is also among the ten leading Korean restaurants in San Antonio. This restaurant is famous for its Korean BBQ, short ribs, pork belly, beef bulgogi, etc. Chas Market & Kitchen serves appetizers like tempura shrimp and man doo, lunch plates like beef bulgogi lunch plate, and dinner plates like a bibimbap dinner plate.

7. Gangnam Korean BBQ

At Gangnam Korean BBQ, prepare for a mouthwatering dining experience. Cook your meats at the table with their tabletop grills, offering a fun and interactive way to enjoy Korean barbecue. With an extensive selection of meats and banchan (side dishes), this restaurant guarantees a memorable meal.

  • Website: https://www.gangnamkbbq.com/
  • Address: 4941 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Telephone: (210) 737-6616

8. Kungfu Noodle

Kungfu Noodle ranks eighth among the ten leading Korean restaurants in San Antonio. For a taste of Korean-Chinese fusion cuisine, head to Kungfu Noodle. Known for their hand-pulled noodles and flavorful broths, Kungfu Noodle offers a unique twist on traditional Korean dishes. Don’t miss their mouthwatering Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) or the spicy and tangy Jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup).

  • Website: https://www.kungfunoodle.com/
  • Address: 6733 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238
  • Telephone: (210) 451-5583

9. BBQ Chicken

Are you craving Korean-style fried chicken? Look no further than BBQ Chicken. This eatery is known for its crispy and flavorful chicken, prepared with various delectable sauces. From their signature Garlic Soy Sauce to the spicy Yangnyeom flavor, their chicken will satisfy your cravings.

  • Website: https://bbqchicken.com/
  • Address: 4949 De Zavala Rd #100, San Antonio, TX 78249
  • Telephone: (210) 492-9933

10. Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ

Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ also appears among the ten top Korean restaurants in San Antonio. You can enjoy an unforgettable Korean barbecue experience at Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ. Choose from high-quality meats, such as marinated short ribs and succulent pork belly, and grill them to perfection at your table. With generous portions, a lively atmosphere, and attentive staff, Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ promises a sumptuous taste of Korea.

San Antonio’s Korean Restaurants offer a delightful journey into Korean cuisine. Whether you’re a fan of sizzling barbecue, comforting stews, or crispy fried chicken, these ten restaurants provide a range of options to satisfy your cravings. So, go ahead and explore the vibrant flavors and warm hospitality of Korean restaurants in San Antonio and experience a taste of Korea right in your backyard.

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