8 Fun Things to do in Pahrump

According to the United States Census Bureau, the entire 297.9 sq mi (77island) of Pahrump’s census-designated area is covered with land. It is the largest CDP in the contiguous United States in terms of area, yet it only comes in at number eleven nationally because the top ten are all in Alaska. In addition, the region is located in the Mojave Desert.

McCarran International Airport is located in the Las Vegas region, about 60 miles east of Pahrump, and is used by locals and tourists. Calvada Meadows Airport, a privately owned facility that also serves Pahrump, requires authorization for aircraft to land.

However, after landing at McCarren Airport, many tourists ask, ‘What will I do at Pahrump’? Yes, this article is designed for you, especially those who are coming for the first time to the city.

Visit The Sanders Family Winery

Numerous award-winning wines are produced and distributed by Sanders Family Winery. In Nevada, winemaking has long been associated with The Sanders Family and is produced using precise cellaring processes that are incredibly smooth and delectable. As a result, every wine embodies the best of what they offer in terms of premium wines with great balance and character.

You can also get amazing mountain views at Sanders Winery. The Winery is surrounded on two sides by breathtaking landscapes: the Spring Mountains to the east and the Nopah Range, which marks the Nevada-California border to the west. The Winery offers tours and holds regular concerts and holiday events.

This view can be a fantastic one for you if you’re a first-timer in the city of Pahrump.

Location: 3780 E Kellogg Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061, USA

Website: http://sanderswinery.com/

Walk Down To The Pahrump Valley Museum

Native American relics, artifacts from some of Pahrump’s earliest Anglo settlers, and exhibits on prospecting, ranching, and farming may all be found inside the museum. Ephemera from the war, fossils, native animal species, and rock and mineral samples.

Presentations on the “Yucca Mountain Project” can be viewed on two large-screen television displays and six touch-screen monitors. In addition, the “Blue Star memorial Plaque” honors all Pahrump veterans and is located in the cactus garden(near the museum).

You can enter four of the museum’s outside buildings, all furnished and available for your enjoyment. However, they are always open on the following days of the week.

Every Monday, the museum is always closed, while from Tuesday to Friday, the museum is always open from 9 am and closes at sunset at 5 pm.

Location: 401 E Basin Ave, Pahrump, NV 89060, USA

Website: http://pahrumpvalleymuseum.org/

Lakeside Casino Wouldn’t Be A Bad Idea Too

The nicely appointed rooms at The Lake House are ideal for wedding parties, families, and couples. The Lake House has everything you need to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a short weekend escape or a longer vacation.

Lakeside Casino in Pahrump has RV parking spaces for pets. Visitors can enjoy the restaurant and bar as well as the casino. Mount Charleston is located 32 kilometers. There is free WiFi available.

Location: 5870 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89048, United States

Website: https://www.lakesidecasinopahrump.com

Sandle West Hotel Should Be A Must In Your To ‘Must- Visit ‘ Diary

Saddle West is the ideal retreat for unwinding and getting away, escaping everyday life’s pressuresWest Hotel, Casino & RV Park is pleased to assist the Pahrump community.

The Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is 8.6 miles from this unassuming casino resort in the Mission style, which is also 2 miles from the Pahrump Valley Museum and 5 miles from the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch racetrack.

Location: 1220 NV-160, Pahrump, NV 89048, USA

Website: http://www.saddlewest.com/

Go to the Cathedral Canyon

Check-in at the Chief Tsosie Trading Post on Main Street to get things started. From there, you will be driven in comfort on an 8-passenger, state-of-the-art Ford excursion car that is heated, air-conditioned, and lifted for a smoother ride.

This is a more intimate trip, so you will have time to hike and explore the region (because this is the High Desert, weather can vary significantly, so please dress appropriately). Please be aware that this hike requires some physical effort because it is a one-mile round trip. Depending on the season, this might become very difficult.

Perhaps you’re simply looking for a relaxing, remote location to go on a nature trek or a scene; then Cathedral Canyon should be your next stop.

Location: 55 S. Lake Powell Blvd. Page AZ, 86040

Website: http://cccc1.com/

Visit The Death Valley National Park Before It’s Too Late

East of the Sierra Nevada lies the American national park of Death Valley, which spans the boundary between California and Nevada. Most of Saline Valley, Panamint Valley’s northern half, Eureka Valley’s southern half, and Death Valley all fall within the park’s limits.

The park guards the northwest corner of the Mojave Desert and its diverse environment of salt flats, dunes, badlands, valleys, canyons, and mountains. It is located where the arid Great Basin and Mojave deserts meet. The largest national park in the contiguous United States is Death Valley, the hottest, driest, and lowest of all the parks in the country.

Location: 130 miles Northwest of Las Vegas, NV, United States 

Website: https://www.nps.gov/deva/

Death Valley And Stargazing Is A Must Go

The hottest and most burning valley of death in America is Death Valley. We enjoy starlight in the desert as we leave Las Vegas early in the morning. You can also witness the magnificent sunrise. Take in the energy of nature while it is quiet.

Every location we visit has a special charm of its own. Due to the tour’s half-day length, you can fly back to Las Vegas in the early afternoon and make arrangements for the remainder of the day. In addition, death Valley is renowned for serving as the filming site for “Star Wars Episode IV.”

The International Dark-Sky Association has named Death Valley National Park a Gold Tier Dark Sky Park, the highest designation for darkness. It provides some of the best stargazing in America.

Location: 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas and 295 miles northeast of Los Angeles

Website: https://www.oasisatdeathvalley.com/plan/stargazing/

Visit the Nature Petting Zoo, Pahrump

In 2019, Alex De Jong, who had previously owned the Las Vegas concierge business Vegas Guy VIP, founded Nature Health Farms in Pahrump. Alex built the ideal unique outdoor family fun farm environmental experience with the assistance of family, friends, and volunteers after being inspired by Bonnie Springs. Animals, an antique shop, and a farming simulation are available to visitors.

A word of advice for newbies tourists: The ticket is almost sold out. Hurry now to get the ticket to feed your eyes with amazing attractions.

Location: 351 Bunarch Rd, Pahrump, NV 89060, USA

Website: http://www.naturehealthfarms.com/


Having fun during travel does not necessarily mean it should be a road trip or at the beach. Pahrump is a completely landed area and offers amazing places for tourists to chill out. It encompasses virtually every historical and recreational setting you must have imagined to see.

The only thing stopping you from exploring this city is definitely you. 

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