List of 12 Fun Things To Do In Manassas

Manassas, VA is the amazing home of over 40,000 people. Manassas has many historical places for tourists to visit and have fun.

The weather is welcoming and cool to visitors. You can’t visit Manassas, VA, and leave unhappy. If you’ve been looking for fun things to do in Manassas, VA, you just found it. This article will tell you the best fun things to do in Manassas, VA.

Since there are many places to visit and you can’t visit them all, this article will lead you to the best places.

All environments are conducive for children and most are educational.

12 Fun Things To Do In Manassas, VA 


1. Visit Manassas Mall

Manassas Mall offers different services for children and adults. It was built in 1972 to create unique dining options and a nice shopping experience.

There are also restaurants and food courts that can gracefully fill your belly. You can also have access to free wifi and participate in any community event.

There are more than 65 stores to shop from like Walmart, Eyebrow Designer 21, and more. There’s a game arena too, after shopping, you can decide to play games and have fun.

A fun thing to do in Manassas, VA is to visit Manassas Mall and have a beautiful shopping experience. Shop for varieties to your satisfaction!

Address: 8300 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA 20109,

Phone: 703-368-0181



2. Go to Ben Lomond Historic Site

In 1861, the house was used as a hospital for wounded people during the First and Second Battles of Bull Run.

One time, the union forces took the house and destroyed a lot of things. Years later, it was renovated and became a historic place for visitors to see where the wounded people during the battles were treated.

Visitors can also see the house slave quarters and smokehouse.

Ben Lomond Historic Site is open for self-guided tours Friday-Monday from 10 am-4 pm with guided tours offered at 11 am and 2 pm.

The admission fee is $5 for children under the age of 6, $6 for students and accompanying adults, and free for active military.

Address: 10321 Sudley Manor Drive, Manassas, VA 201709, Phone: 703-367-7872


3. Visit Manassas National Battlefield Park

The Manassas National Battlefield Park is the location for the first and second bull battles. One fun thing to do in Manassas is to visit the Battlefield and know the history of soldiers fighting for their country.

You will also see different exhibits like soldiers’ uniforms, weapons, and many more. Be sure to visit the Henry Hill Visitor Center when you’re at Battlefield Park.

Additional exhibits include two battles and a demonstration of how they likely played out. There are many more buildings and interests for visitors, some of them include Groveton, Brawner’s Farm, and the Robinson House.

It is recorded that over 900,000 people visit the park yearly. This is because the park holds a lot of history in it.

Address: 12521 Lee Highway, Manassas, VA 20109, Phone: 703-361-1339


4. Visit the All Saints Catholic Church

The All Saints Catholic Church was opened in 1879. If you want to experience another level of fun, or maybe engage in a spiritual exercise during your stay in Manassas, then you should go to the All Saints Catholic Church.

You can go for morning masses or engage in different social ministries such as the Jail ministry, or food pantry.

You might want to extend a helping hand to people during your stay in Manassas, the All Saints Church is the perfect place to do that.

You can also decide to sightsee the church and experience quietness and peace.

Location: 9300 Stonewall Road, Manassas, VA 20110, Phone: 703-368-4500



5. Visit Hylton Performing Arts Center

The Hylton Performing Arts Center is an opera house and theater that features different music and performances. The theater can contain over 1,123 people at a go. The sittings can be arranged based on the performances.

The Arts Center holds a summer camp for kids, dance recitals, shows, and art exhibits. A family series featuring kid-friendly shows and physical comedy are also held in the center.

A fun thing to do in Manassas is to visit the Hylton Arts Performing Center and watch different shows that you’d enjoy and also make you laugh.

You can also rent the theater and create your own amazing experience.

Address: 10960 George Mason Cir, Manassas, VA 20110,

Contact: 703-993-7550


6. Visit Old Manassas Courthouse

The Old Manassas Courthouse was built in 1893 and stopped being a County Courthouse in 1982.

A monument dedicated to the 1911 Jubilee of Peace can be found at the Old Manassas Courthouse. Beside the plaque are two gun tubes and cannons belonging to the Civil War era.

The original courtroom, upstairs, has been renovated into a ballroom to host public events, meetings, and reception.

The Old Manassas Courthouse was fully reopened in 2001 for guests. The Old Courthouse is open to guests from Monday to Friday.

Address: 9248 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA, USA


7. Visit Heritage Brewing Co., Manassas, Virginia

Heritage Brewing Co. is a brewing company in Manassas, VA. It is the place to take different flavors of beers in Manassas.

Heritage Brewing Co. began with two veterans who had a dream to make flavorful brews. Along with beer, Heritage Brewing Co. also roasts and brews coffee.

Some of their popular menus include Beer, IPA, Cider, Cold Brew, Cold Pressed Coffee, and more. Whatever menu you choose to have, just make you have a refreshing time.

Location: 9436 Center Point Lane, Manassas, VA 20110,

Contact: 571-208-1355



8. Visit Central Park Aquatic Center (Occoquan Swim Academy)

If you love water and would like to swim in Manassas, then visit the Central Park Aquatic Center. Whatever level of swimming you’re at, there’s a space for you.

Occoquan Swim Academy was founded in 1986 by Marty Olsen and Bryon. One fun thing to do in Manassas, VA is to experience great swimming in the Occoquan Swim Academy.

The center is also a competition and lesson pool. They offer several classes for different levels of swimmers.

Address: 10371 Central Park Drive Manassas, VA 20110, USA


9. Go to Freedom Museum, Manassas, Virginia

The Freedom Museum showcases the stories and traditions of the Manassas people. Exhibits include Photos, artifacts, and other objects from the people who served in the military from World War I to date and also objects from the area.

Self-guided tours and guided tours are also available to tourists and groups.

A fun thing to do in Manassas, VA is to take a tour through the Freedom Museum and learn the history of Manassas.

The Freedom Museum is currently located in the Main Terminal at the Manassas Regional Airport. Admission to the museum is free for people of all ages.

Location: 10600 Harry J. Parrish Boulevard, Manassas, VA 20110, Phone: 703-393-0660



10. Explore ARTfactory

The factory is located in the old town Candy Factory and covers three stories. You can decide to take any art class of your choice or just see different amazing arts.

You can check out art exhibits from local and non-local artists in the factory.

Address: 9419 Battle Street, Manassas, VA 20110, Phone: 703-330-2787



11. Go to Siam Classic

If you want to taste amazing Thai foods while you’re in Manassas, the best place to be is Siam Classic restaurant.

They serve a high standard and gluten-free menu. There are different delicious appetizers, noodle bowls, and soups to choose from.

Some of their popular menus include Drunken noodles with Chicken, Spring Rolls, Chicken satay, Steam dumpling, Green curry, Crab Rangoon, Fried rice with shrimp special, and more.

Address: 9403 East St, Manassas, VA 20110,

Phone: 703-368-5647



12. Have Fun at SplashDown Waterpark

If you want to visit an amazing water park in Manassas, your best choice is the SplashDown Waterpark. It is big enough to accommodate quite a number of visitors.

You can visit with your friends or family, you’ll surely have a nice time. The Park is operated by the Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Waterpark also offers other things like a Leisure pool, an activity pool tropical, tropical twister slides, and a Lily Pad walk.

You can also wine and dine in the Waterpark. There’s a BBQ spot for you to enjoy yourself.

Address: 7500 Ben Lomond Park Drive Manassas, VA 20109, USA


The best thing you can do for yourself is to have an amazing tour around Manassas, VA.

Now that you know that great fun awaits you, it’s time to have fun!

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