List of 7 TOP All Inclusive Resorts In Haiti

Officially known as the Republic of Haiti, Haiti is a large country located on the island of Hispaniola, in the archipelago of the Carribean Sea. Haiti is very close to many other islands on the Carribean, like Cuba, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and other Jamaican islands.

With an estimated population of 11.4 million people, Haiti is regarded as the third largest country in the Carribean by area and is popular among locals and tourists. Haiti is also popular for its ancient landmarks dating back to the 19th century.

It is unarguably one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. However, for the best experience, I recommend you plan a trip to one of its all-inclusive resorts as a first-time visitor. Such a getaway would be filled with fun and plenty of adventures.

In this article, I will show you the best All-inclusive resorts in Haiti as well as some of the features that make them unique. There are so many things to explore in Haiti, and the best way to experience them is by spending your holiday at any of its resorts.

List of Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Haiti

1. Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa

Mostly referred to as the jewel of Hispaniola Island, Royal Decameron Indigo Resort is a must-see for every visitor in Haiti. The resort offers the tropical feeling of the Carribean with plenty of modern conveniences for your pleasure throughout your stay.

Its location is perfect and easy to locate from different parts of the country. Within an hour, you will be at the resort from the Haiti International Airport, which is also the historical center of Haiti’s capital. The resort offers some of the finest white sand beaches and stunning natural landscapes.

Aside from having fun and rest at Royal Decameron, the resort is also a great place to host your events. It is quite spacious and situated in a serene and secure environment for your pleasure. Rooms are comfortable, spacious, and ideal for short and long stays.

Also, at Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort, guests have access to an all-inclusive program, Buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with several drink options for you to pick from. In addition, programs feature water sports like kayaking, water surfing, etc.

Address: X75C+HRW, Km 78, RN #1 Costa Arcadins, Augier, Haiti

Website: Royal Decameron


2. Cote Des Arcadins Beach Resort & Spa

Cote Des Arcadins, also known as DoubleTree by Hilton, offers one of the best holiday experiences you can ever imagine. If you crave a remarkable adventure in the Caribbean or a great honeymoon experience, you can find all that here at Cote Des Arcadins.

This resort is also ideal for travelers who seek relaxation and not regular activity-filled vacations. If you crave pampering for stress relief and rejuvenation, you can book a session at the resort’s spa for free. You can also keep up with your fitness goals at its gym center.

In addition, there are plenty of water and other sports to keep you busy and fill your vacation with adventure. Want to spend some time catching up with your new friends? You can easily get to the resort’s outdoor pool for all of that.

Address: 777 RN1, Arcahaie, Haiti

Website: DoubleTree by Hilton


3. Kaliko Beach Club All-Inclusive Resort

Kaliko Beach Club is one of the most relaxing destinations in Haiti, also filled with so much fun. It is located on cost des Arcadins, Haiti, 61 km away from Port-au-Prince International Airport. The property is quite the distance, but it is all worth it.

You can’t walk or drive past this Resort without admiring its magnificent architectural beauty, with the rich colors of its bungalows on the beach. Each room of the hotel offers superb ocean and mountain views, even without having to step out.

The resort is surrounded by tropical gardens making it a perfect place to relax in a natural setting. It is an ideal destination for lone travelers, families, or even couples who want to have the best time of their lives together. There would be so many memories to make here.

Address: Km 61, Route Nationale 1, Carries, Haiti

Website: Kaliko Beach Club


4. Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel

Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel is a five-star resort regarded as one of the best resorts in Haiti. It is located a few minutes from Port-au-Prince’s commercial district, serving guests and travelers the ease of walking down to the center for various economic activities.

In addition to that, its location is strategically placed in the center of the whole city, also making it easy to get to nearby tourist centers and landmarks. Rooms in the hotel are filled with contemporary Haitian artworks serving art and beauty purposes.

There is room service available at any time, making you feel at home and ease. You will also find a 24-hour fitness center onsite where you can keep up with your fitness routine, even when you are away from home. If you wish, you can take a dip in the glimmering outdoor pool.

Address: 147 Ave Jean-Paul II, Port-au-Prince 6113, Haiti

Website: Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel


5. Abaka Bay Resort

Located on Haiti’s Ile-a-Vache, Abaka Bay Resort is a three-pearl beachfront property with plenty of activities to make your holiday fun and memorable. One of the things the hotel is popular for is the amazing sunset and ocean views it offers in its modern rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The resort is situated around a secluded beach, mostly occupied by romantic partners on long honeymoons. Do you need quality private time with your partner? Abaka Bay Resort should be in your options. All rooms are fully air-conditioned, and feature King and Queen sized beds.

For a cool feeling and ambiance, rooms are painted in warm pastels with vaulted ceilings. As I mentioned earlier, most of these rooms offer incredible ocean views. Freebies include WiFi, kayaks, canoes, a foosball table, and many more.

However, most of these rooms lack TVs, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem since nobody would want to sit all day watching TV programs while on vacation. You can have a plate or two from some of the meals served at the beachfront restaurant. Prices are included with room rates, but drinks are extra.

Address: 37VX+J5Q, La Hafte, Haiti

Website: Abaka Bay Resort


6. The Inn at Villa Bambou

There are only a few boutique hotels and resorts in Haiti, with The Inn at Villa Bambou being one of the best. The hotel is set on a steep mountainside, overlooking the mighty Port-au-Prince, and provides some of the best views in the area.

Its styling and design are inspired by a French chateau, making it one of the most beautiful structures on the island. However, there are only seven rooms in the hotel, so it might not be an ideal place if you are coming with a large group. If you crave personal quality time with a special person, The Inn is a perfect place.

Nonetheless, these rooms blend ancient charm with modern amenities, ensuring guests have the best time of their lives during their stay. Amenities include flat-screen TVs, dark hardwood furniture, private balconies, glass-block showers, and many more.

Breakfast is included in stays and is served in guest rooms. You can have dinner on a terrace while enjoying the incredible city views it has to offer. Other amenities include a small fitness center terrace pool, to mention a few. In addition, please keep in mind that your stay here might not be as cheap as you have imagined.

Address: GMGC+VRG, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Website: The Inn at Villa Bambou


7. Royal Oasis

Royal Oasis is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Haiti, solely dedicated to business travelers. The resort features all amenities you will need for a pleasurable stay on your business travel or vacation. Royal Oasis is made of 128 spacious and luxurious rooms.

The interior of these rooms is uniquely and brightly designed to keep guests excited all along. All rooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with flat-screen TVs, and offer stunning city views from the windows. If you want to see how best the city looks like, Royal Oasis is a must-visit.

In addition, this sprawling hotel has multiple restaurants serving various local and international cuisines, like Haitian-European fusion and Japanese delicacies for you to choose from. There is also a bar with various drinks, ranging from beverages to alcoholic drinks.

However, the hotel does not have a pool since most business travelers do not make a demand for it. If you wish to keep up with your fitness routine during your stay, you can make use of the resort’s gym or attend rooftop yoga classes.

Address: GP95+HG5, Avenue Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville, Haiti

Website: Royal Oasis Hotel



If you plan a trip to Haiti soon, I recommend you visit anytime from November to March. This period is the dry/winter season in Haiti, making it easy for foreigners to adapt easily. However, please bear in mind that tourists flock to Haiti during this period the most.

If you don’t want to visit when the city is usually crowded, you must be ready to adapt to the wet/summer weather. In addition, you should prepare a budget for some unplanned expenses so you don’t get stranded on your vacation.

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