List Of The 10 Best Restaurants in Ouray Colorado

Thinking of having some sumptuous meal right now in Ouray, Colorado? Think no more, this article will help you with all the details you need.

People come from all around the world to visit Ouray Colorado and to experience what makes it great and beautiful.  Whether it’s ice climbing, world-class Jeeping, or hiking in the San Juan Mountains, Ouray Colorado is a true mountain gem. 

But… One thing you shouldn’t miss out on is Ouray’s best restaurants. If having a good meal in a nice and cozy restaurant sounds like what you want, keep reading.

This article will enlighten you on the 10 best restaurants you can visit in Ouray Colorado. If you’re chanced and high on cash, you can decide to visit all restaurants. 

I assure you there will be no regrets whatsoever because this list contains the Top 10 best restaurants in Ouray Colorado. Want to know the best restaurants in Ouray, Colorado, and the meals they offer? Don’t stop reading!

10 Best Restaurants in Ouray Colorado

Brickhouse 737 Restaurant

Brickhouse 737 Restaurant

Want something that can tickle your taste buds? You can have them at Brickhouse 737 restaurant. Brickhouse 737 is one of the best restaurants in Ouray and one of the few places you can eat something satisfactory for as low as $11. Amazing isn’t it?

One beautiful thing about this restaurant is that before eating, while eating, or after eating, you get to see amazing art. The main dining room is decorated with work from local artist Emily Palmquist.

If you’re confused about what meal to start with, here are a few meals you should try at Brickhouse 737 restaurant.

  • Fried Brussel Sprouts with Portuguese sausage.
  • Miso vinaigrette and maple candied macadamia nuts.
  • Miso glazed Skuna Bay Salmon
  • Steak and Fries.  
  • S’mores for dessert… so many delightful choices!



bon ton restaurant ouray colorado

Bon Ton Restaurant

The Bon Ton restaurant continues to up its game in serving great food and wine. You can walk into the restaurant and buy a take-out meal. They focus majorly on Italian and American foods.

The most amazing thing is that you can place your orders online. If you’re at work or a bit busy when your belly rumbles for food, all you need to do is place your orders online via their website and you’ll have your meal delivered to you.

The Bon Ton restaurant has a dining setting that helps you unconsciously feel like you’re eating a meal “at home”. If you want a restaurant with a great atmosphere and good customer service, you should try Bon Ton restaurant in Ouray, Colorado.



Colorado Boy Southwest Pub ouray colorado

Colorado Boy Southwest Pub

How would it feel to eat yummy pizza in Colorado? It’ll feel good, I know. Colorado Boy Southwest Pub makes one of the best pizzas made from fresh ingredients and as fast as you want it. 

Not only would you enjoy the food served at this restaurant, but the ambiance and environment are also appealing and great. Colorado Boy Southwest Pub is popularly known for its brick oven pizza.

The restaurant also has other meals like Fries, Salads, Chips and Salsa, and lots more. Colorado Boy Southwest Pub doesn’t serve just one type of pizza. You might want to decide these before leaving your house.

  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Detroit style Pizza
  • Mia Bella Pizza
  • Mediterranean Pizza
  • Cheese Pizza

If you’re craving some pizza and you’re currently in Ouray, Colorado, visit the Colorado Boy Southwest Pub now.



Timberline Deli of Ouray

Timberline Deli of Ouray

Timberline Deli of Ouray is one of the best in making fresh and homemade Sandwiches, Salads, and Breakfast meals. Burgers and fried Chicken are not exempt from their delicacies.

For starters, If you love doughnuts and croissants, you might want to visit the Timberline Deli of Ouray early. This is because they get sold out very fast.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on something so good because you were late.

Fun Fact: Another reason why this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Ouray is that when you walk in, there’s free wifi available for you to use. You might want to ask for the password tho! Don’t be shy.

The restaurant is no doubt one of the best in Ouray. They offer take-out services but no delivery at the moment. So, if you’re busy, you can quickly walk in and grab your meal.

If you’re a lover of nature, the restaurant is surrounded by amazing views of mountains you’d love.

Contact Info

Telephone: +1 970-325-4958

Goldbelt Bar & Grill Restaurant

Goldbelt Bar & Grill Restaurant

Located in Ouray, Colorado, Goldbelt Bar & Grill serves great Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Brews, and local beers. It is in a conducive and customer-friendly environment.

If you’re a vegan, you should try one of the best vegan restaurants in Ouray! They have special meals that are vegan-friendly and also gluten-free. All you need to do is request.

Some side dishes you might love are Sweet Potato Fries, Traditional french fries, beer-battered onion rings, salads, and buffalo wings. They sound so delicious already!



Mi Mexican Restaurant

This is one of the few restaurants in Ouray that gets a 5-star rating. If you’re looking for where to get great and well-served Mexican foods, search no further.

Mi Mexican restaurant offers purely Mexican cuisine for its guests. So, if you’ve never tried out any Mexican food before, now is the time. 

Even if you’ve tried a Mexican dish before, you’ll love the one from Mi Mexican restaurant.

Great food isn’t the only thing you’d love about this restaurant, the environment is filled with funny statues that you might want to look at for a few minutes.  Mi Mexican restaurant in Ouray also offers good kids’ meals that you’ll love. 

Fun fact: If you’re a lover of good portions of meals, you’ll get it in this Mexican restaurant. They serve their portions so well that two people might want to eat one.  The average price range is from $10 – $25.



Ouray Brewery

“Good Food, Great Beer” and you’d agree when you try their food out. Ouray Brewery is a family-owned restaurant and brew pub. They offer award-winning craft beers and great American cuisine.

The Ouray Brewery is one of the best brewpubs that offer finger-licking foods in Ouray. All beers are homegrown, which makes them different from the norm.

More than a brewpub, Ouray Brewery’s restaurant compliments its craft beers with a range of offerings for everyone, using fresh ingredients and local flavors to create a great dining experience. You can get french fries from Ouray Brewery for as low as $7.50.



Mouse’s Chocolates and Coffee

This is the place for chocolate and cookie lovers. Mouse’s Chocolates and Coffee offers great service and; a great variety from candy to ice cream to coffee. If you’re a lover of really sweet but healthy foods, don’t dare miss going to Mouse’s Chocolate and Coffee. 

Some popular menus at Mouse’s are:

  • Milkshake
  • Cookies
  • Chai
  • Cookie Dough
  • Muffins
  • Belgian Hot Chocolate 
  • Cotton Candy Ice cream 



Mineshaft Restaurant

Mineshaft restaurant is located in Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs. They offer varieties of Appetizers, Entrees, and delicious desserts you will surely love.

One of the reasons why Mineshaft is among the best restaurants in Ouray is that they offer free deliveries within Ouray city. Quite impressive, I must say.

All meals are prepared freshly and from scratch immediately after you place your order, you have nothing to worry about eating stale foods. 

Most importantly, they offer good food and good service. You’ll fall in love with whoever attends to you, *winks.


Website: NIL

Ouray Meat and Cheese Market

If you’re an absolute lover of Fresh sausage, steaks, cheese, and seafood, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Ouray Meat and Cheese Market. 

They also have a fine selection of jerky, sausage sticks, bratwurst, hamburger patties, ribs, pickles, flavored balsamic kinds of vinegar and syrups, spices, and more! One of the Best on the Western Slope!

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about meat and cheese, friendly staff is waiting to educate you as soon as you get in. You won’t have a problem not knowing what to eat.




The best way to complement the experience of discovering the rich magic and history of beautiful Ouray, Colorado is with a (if possible, many) great plate of food! 

Nothing beats the feeling of smiling after satisfying your taste buds. Food is good, healthy foods are best. 

All the restaurants mentioned in this article will offer you good and healthy foods plus great customer service. 

Know someone currently in Ouray, Colorado? Don’t forget to share this article with them. They’ll be forever grateful to you. 

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