10 Best Restaurants for Birthday Dinner in New York City

Some of the questions that run through people’s minds are “Where do I celebrate my birthday dinner? How do I make this birthday special for my partner? Where’s the best restaurant to have a family birthday dinner?”

It’s that time of the year! Where you want to celebrate your big day but you’re just so confused about how to go about it. Whether you’re planning your birthday or a “special someone” birthday dinner, it is better to plan well and well so you can make it memorable because nobody celebrates an age twice.

If you’re in New York City and you want a restaurant where you can have a birthday dinner plus loads of fun, I wrote this article for you. All you need to do is pick from the variety that I have to offer you, it wouldn’t be so hard to pick, I promise.

There are plenty of memorable foodie experiences in New York City or food tours in NYC to fit your bill. Doesn’t matter if you want a big or small party, we’ve got the right spot!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Restaurants in NYC for a Birthday Dinner 

sugar freak restaurant

1. Sugar Freak Restaurant 

Don’t worry about the sugar in the name but Sugar Freak serves some fantastic New Orleans cuisine. If you’re not used to eating New Orleans dishes, then you shouldn’t think twice before going to Sugar Freak.

The interior designs at Sugar Freak will blow you away. Calmly and beautifully decorated to suit almost everybody’s taste.

You can order something delightful from $15 or less if you want something light. Sugar Freak opens all seven days a week so don’t bother about your big day falling on a weekend or weekday, they’re available!

If it’s a family dinner and you want your kids to tag along, don’t worry, the environment is children-friendly.

At Sugar Freak, there are so many tasty dishes to try out. Mac and cheese have been given a fresh twist with the addition of crawfish. The fried chicken and waffles are very filling and cooked perfectly.

Website: sugarfreak.com

Let’s Meat Restaurant

2. Let’s Meat Restaurant 

Just as the name implies, you will MEAT a lot!

Interested in the best Korean meals in New York City? Look no further, just head over to Let’s Meat Restaurant.

Let’s Meat can be loud, so if your friends turn your birthday dinner into a Minor/Major League Eating competition, feel free to cheer them on or join them. This is one of the best dinner restaurants in NYC, closes at 11 pm so you can have all the fun you want.

Side Attraction: Karaoke! If you want to show off your beautiful voice or just have fun singing, you can keep the party going for just $8.

Website: letsmeatnyc.com

while we were young restaurant nyc

3. While We Were Young Restaurant 

Talk about one of the most beautiful restaurants in New York City, it’s While We Were Young.

I don’t grasp the concept behind the name but they’re sure good at what they do. If you want to eat a lovely dinner and snap some amazing pictures for the gram, this is your chance.

You should make reservations if you’d be bringing up to 4 people with you or if you want a private space. If you love to see colors while eating, there are enough colors to grace your eyes.

While we were young is a Stylish, beautiful, airy bar & restaurant presenting refined New American fare & inventive craft cocktails.

Website: whilewewereyoungnyc.com

red rooster nyc

4. Red Rooster

If you’re a party lover, say Yay!!!

Red Rooster is one of the best party restaurants in New York City. You don’t have to bother about setting up a birthday party, you have one awaiting you when you get to Red Rooster.

I mean, what’s a birthday dinner if it isn’t fun? yea.

The restaurant serves amazing foods that are majorly American cuisine royale. Worried about customer service? It’s totally on point at Red Rooster.

You can also make group reservations for the main room or downstairs if you’re taking a few people along with you. The atmosphere is incredible and comfortable! You’ll love it.

Website: redroosterharlem.com

the boil restaurant nyc

5. The Boil Restaurant 

Imagine some fresh seafood in your mouth on your big day. Sharing on the same table with the people you love. I’m sure you’re interested.

That is the exact feeling you’d get at The Boil restaurant. They offer American, Seafood, and Cajun & Creole dishes.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary on your birthday, why not go to The Boil where you can order big, hot, and fresh Cajan king crab legs then dip your hands and satisfy your taste buds?

Be sure not to go alone!

Contact Info: +1 212-925-8815

6. Bernie’s Restaurant 

Walk majestically into Bernie’s and order for favorite comfort dinner foods like Mozzarella sticks, Bacon cheeseburgers, and Chicken Parm. If you don’t want to miss out on something really sweet, don’t forget to order Ice creams too.

Bernie’s serves classic American meals that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything on your birthday dinner. Some of them are;

  • Caesar & Wedge Salads
  • Baked Clams & Shrimp Cocktail
  • Vinegar Chicken
  • Cheeseburger Deluxe
  • Baby-Back Ribs
  • Grilled Steak and much more.

Bernie’s restaurant is one of the most welcoming in NYC. Taking your group along? Don’t bother, there’s more than enough space for you and them.

Website: berniesnyc.com

7. Insa Restaurant 

If you’re interested in cooking your birthday dinner yourself, look no further. Insa is the perfect place to cook your grills yourself.

You won’t have to worry about your dinner being undercooked or overcooked since you’re doing the cooking. Insa offers Asian and Korean cuisines. Korean BBQ, noodles & other dishes are served in a casual, warm environment.

The best part? Insa is also home to a fun-filled cocktail karaoke bar! Bring your friends for a night to remember. After eating Korean Barbecue to your satisfaction, proceed to the karaoke and have fun till you can no longer feel the food in your belly.

Website: insabrooklyn.com

8. Wu’s Wonton King Restaurant 

Immediately you step your feet into Wu’s, you’d be welcomed by tanks, filled with giant crabs and waiters carrying hot bowls of wonton soup from the kitchen. Don’t tell me you’re salivating already.

Whatever you order at Wu’s Wonton King is very easy to share because the dining room is full of big round tables that can make the food easily accessible to anybody at the table.

So, going with your friends and ordering the same thing isn’t a problem. Wu’s Wonton King is no doubt one of the best restaurants in New York City. If you want a warm and comfortable environment to have fun in on your big day, you’ve found it.

Oh, my bad! You could get some amazing and delicious soups at Wu’s too.

Website: wuswontonking.com

9. Fish Cheeks Restaurant 

Want your big day to have some TGIF feeling? Go to Fish Cheeks.

Most of Fish Cheeks’ Thai dishes are served family-style, and the room always has good energy. All of this makes Fish Cheeks in New York City the perfect place to eat with a small group, especially when you’re looking for one of the best coconut crab curries your taste buds will be forever grateful for.

The Furniture is painted in bright and beautiful primary colors. Fish Cheeks serves huge platters of all your favorite Thai cuisine, and the atmosphere is colorful and birthday-dinner perfect.

Website: fishcheeksnyc.com

10. Corner Social

Looking for something a bit rowdy? Corner Social always feels like a party especially on weekends when DJs are available to make you have the best of fun.

It sometimes turns into a club tho, so if you aren’t comfortable with that, don’t go for a birthday dinner. You can opt-in for lunch instead.

But… for party lovers, they have dishes like Crab cakes, Smothered pork chops, and a pulled pork sandwich. You should be careful so it won’t get on your shirt. Corner Social is a warm, inviting, and vibrant place to be.

Website: cornersocialnyc.com


Birthdays are only celebrated once a year and I’m sure you want to go all out for your birthday party, that’s why you’re here.

If you don’t have enough money to host a party or go big, it’s better to go to a good restaurant and buy something good for yourself or your loved ones.  There’s this feeling that comes with eating good food, if you don’t understand, try eating something different on your big day.

So you won’t have a boring dinner party, we decided to collate the best restaurants in New York City for a birthday dinner. You don’t have to bother about where to celebrate your birthday again, I’m sure you’ve made a decision.

When you’re doing a birthday dinner in New York City, do it well or you don’t do it all…*Just kidding. When you want to have a small/ big, fun dinner that involves good food and maximum enjoyment, try one of the spots listed above.

What’s a better way to celebrate yourself or a loved one than in one of the greatest cities in the world? Good luck with picking a preferred restaurant.

Kindly drop a comment if you found this helpful and don’t forget to share with someone who will need this.

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