TOP 5 Ski Resorts in Virginia

Located in the southeastern part of the United States, Virginia is one of the favorite destinations of many Americans. The state is known for its stunning coastline along the Atlantic, endless attractions, beautiful lakes, historic places, and many more.

Virginia stretches from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains, featuring an extensive coastline along the Atlantic ocean. For this, it is also popular for its numerous beaches and resorts spread across the coast.

However, Virginia’s tall mountains and valleys make it a great place to engage in winter sports like skiing. Of course, the best places to enjoy this sport and other winter activities in Virginia are ski resorts and parks.

As a tourist or guest visiting Virginia alone or with family, knowing the ski resorts around would save you the time of asking around and even getting low-value recommendations. Therefore, this article will feature the Best Ski Resorts in Virginia.

List of the Best Ski Resorts in Virginia

1. The Omni Homestead Resort

Located in Hot Springs, Virginia, The Omni Homestead Resort is one of the most popular among locals and tourists. You will surely experience natural hot spring pools, golf courses, a waterpark, and a full-service spa. You can book a spa session in your free time to get that pampering you deserve.

Of course, the resort is also popular for skiing and is a center of attraction for many tourists and enthusiasts of this sport. The Omni Homestead Resort integrates southern hospitality with special modern charm for a pleasurable vacation experience.

Asides from skiing, there are other activities you can engage in while at this mountain resort. These activities include tennis, zip line tours, kayaking, lawn games, horseback riding, and many others. Also, don’t forget to see that new movie at the resort’s cinema.

This 17th-century resort is a home away from home. After a long day at the resort or in Virginia, you can come back to rest in its refined rooms and suites tailored for your comfort and luxury. These guestrooms also feature fireplaces, private porches, and living rooms.

Although The Omni Homestead Resort is regarded as the smallest ski resort in Virginia, it remains one of the best places for beginners to improve their skiing skills in such a short time. The resort features nine runs and two lifts spread out on a 42-acre mountain space.

In addition, some programs are in place to teach you how best to ski in a short while. Of course, you can enroll in any of these programs with your family and see yourself improve without spending too much. These programs include the Little Penguins program for children aged 5 to 11.

Address: 7696 Sam Snead Hwy, Hot Springs, VA 24445, United States

Website: The Omni Homestead Resort


2. Massanutten Resort

From its majestic architectural structure, you can tell a bit of what to expect from this four-Diamond AAA resort. Massanutten Resort is expansive, spanning up to 6000 acres of mountain space, big enough for popular mountain sports.

The mountain also offers breathtaking views of its surrounding landscape and is a well-known tourist destination in Virginia. Everything about Massanutten is unique, and of course, it is very much easy to locate, even from several parts of the city of Virginia.

Massanutten is a great destination if you are particularly interested in winter fun, with plenty of activities to keep you busy. The ski hill features thirteen runs, eight lifts, and two terrain parks to provide you with all the entertainment you need. It is also popular for its plenty of snow, especially during winter.

If mother nature needs a hand, snowmaking equipment around the mountain will aid the process even faster. Massanutten is a famous ski destination among expert skiers, thanks to its longer runs. Even though the runs are few, their lengths are quite impressive.

In addition, Massanutten Resort offers a range of amenities from accommodation to entertainment. It features various accommodation options, including condominiums and premium hotel accommodations. Overall, Massanutten is a great destination for a premium family getaway.

Address: 1822 Resort Dr, Massanutten, VA 22840, United States

Website: Massanutten Resort


3. Wintergreen Resort

Just like its name, Wintergreen is evergreen. Offering several amenities for a memorable family vacation, this ski resort in Virginia is the favorite of many travelers around the United States. The environment is friendly, so you shouldn’t find it hard to fit in.

Wintergreen Resort is also known for its luxurious rooms and suites equipped with modern amenities for your comfort and to enhance your vacation experience. The guestrooms feature flat-screen TVs, kitchenettes, and complimentary WiFi for guests.

However, this complimentary WiFi is available throughout the property and not only in the guestrooms. In addition, there is an onsite restaurant where guests can get a variety of local and international delicacies. There is also a swimming pool to relax and unwind after a long day.

Furthermore, Wintergreen Resort offers amenities like free parking for guests with vehicles, free breakfast, and many more. The resort has proximity to major attractions in Virginia, including waterfalls, parks, etc., thanks to its central location.

Wintergreen features 26 runs, enough to give you the fun and thrills you need as a beginner. Unfortunately, these runs are not long, so you might have to find a new resort with longer runs as your skiing level increases. Six lifts can take you to the top after completing a run.

Address: 39 Mountain Inn Loop, Nellysford, VA 22958, United States

Website: Wintergreen Resort


4. Bryce Resort

Although it does not offer accommodation options, Bryce Resort is a favorite destination for families and anyone wishing to learn how to ski. This resort is just a two-hour drive from Washington, D.C., and of course, is worth the time spent on the journey.

Bryce Resort is not so big, but it is a great place for beginners and amateurs at skiing to perfect their skills. The resort features just eight runs and lifts, including a magic carpet surface lift, which is an attraction of its own, you will like to try out.

Even though these runs are few and short, they are full of fun and offer the perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon. Come here with family on weekends and experience the fun that lives in skiing with your loved ones and improve your skills together.

Moreover, the resort has a ski school made up of friendly instructors ready to show you how to glide down the slopes safely till you no longer require their help. You can come here as a beginner and perfect your skills in such a short time. However, this comes at a charge.

As you begin to see improvements in your ski levels, you can choose to sign up for one of the racing teams at the resort to challenge yourself. Depending on how you want it, you can choose from relaxed to intense racing training.

Address: 1982 Fairway Dr, Basye, VA 22810, United States

Website: Bryce Resort


5. Liberty Snowflex

Although not a ski resort, Liberty Snowflex is a great place to hit the slopes in Virginia. Of course, it is quite different from the several resorts mentioned on this list, and you can try it anytime. However, it features unique skiing amenities you might not find in these resorts.

Liberty Snowflex is located on top of Liberty University’s mountain, which spans up to 5,000 acres. Asides from skiing, you can engage in other winter sports like snowboarding and tubing here at Liberty Snowflex. And yes, it is designed for all levels of skiers.

Address: 4000 Candlers Mountain Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24502, United States

Website: Liberty Snowflex


When is the best time to ski in Virginia?

The best time to ski in Virginia is from December to Mid-March. However, many resorts in Virginia open up around the end of November due to the yearly Thanksgiving weekend that comes up at this time. This is when the winter season in the city begins.

Please remember that it gets chilly towards the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. It might get too extreme for you during this time. If you prefer hitting the slopes under hotter weather conditions, I recommend you visit towards the end of February or the beginning of March.

Is Skiing expensive in Virginia?

No! Skiing is quite affordable in Virginia since Mother Nature does most of the work, compared to other ski destinations. However, you should be ready to pay extra for accommodation as this makes up most of your family vacation.

Wrapping Up

From the list, you can tell that there aren’t so many ski resorts in Virginia. Well, fewer resorts mean more snow! However, in several years, there will surely be more ski resorts in Virginia, and the city will be more popular for skiing and other winter activities.

In addition, Virginia is not only popular for skiing. Please remember that there are several attractions in Virginia, especially historic places attracting many tourists worldwide. During your family vacation, you can create time to explore these attractions.

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