List Of 7 Exciting Things to do in Johnstown, Pa

The town of Johnstown can be found in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. It has a rich past, is experiencing explosive growth, and maintains strong relationships with the surrounding towns. To this day, Johnstown is home to a lot of stunning attractions.

With a population of approximately 22 000 people, Johnstown is an ideal place to raise a family. Since the city provides a good living level, many people choose to make their home here. It also has the country’s finest educational institutions and some of the finest medical facilities.

Discover for yourself everything that Johnstown has to offer. This article has a list of 7 things to do in Johnstown.

 7 Exciting Things To Do In Johnstown, Pa

1. Watch A Game At Sergent’s Stadium At The Point

Sargent’s Stadium at the Point is the place to go if you’d rather watch sports in a more comfortable and well-known setting. Sargent’s Stadium was constructed in 1926 and had a capacity of 17 000 seats. It is frequently used for Greater Johnstown High School football games and is the annual site of the All-American Amateur Baseball Association national tournament.

Visitors can view high school football and college baseball games at the stadium and tour the locations where sequences from the film All the Right Moves from 1983 were shot. The stadium has been subjected to many renovations throughout the years, including a full demolition in 2005.

Address: 100 Johns St, Johnstown, PA 15901, United States



2. Go On A Date With Your Lover To The Silver Drive-In

In 1950, the Silver Drive-in in Johnston, Pennsylvania, became the first drive-in movie theater in the United States to operate with a single screen. It offers its guests the opportunity to relive their youth by simulating the sensation of going to an old-fashioned drive-in theater. It can accommodate up to 400 vehicles at once.

The drive-in theater is only open for a limited time, typically between April and October. However, the Silver Drive-in allows customers to bring their pets so long as the animals are kept on leashes and are well-behaved. In addition, the movie theater provides its customers with a concession stand for their added convenience.

Address: 1664 Scalp Ave, Johnstown, PA 15904, United States



3. Have Fun At The People’s Natural Gas Park

The Peoples Natural Gas Park first welcomed customers when it opened its doors in 2012 and has continued to do so ever since. The Community Foundation Oilhouse has converted a former manufacturing building into an indoor event center, one of the many elements in the park.

Numerous events, including high-quality acoustic panels, have been held at Peoples Natural Gas Park by the Johnstown Area Heritage Association and other local organizations. 

Who doesn’t like attending an entertaining concert? Feel the explosive excitement pulsing through the audience and the bass drum thud in your chest during a Peoples Natural Gas Park show. Make sure to include a visit to Peoples Natural Gas Park on your list of things to do in Johnstown.

Address: 90 Johns St, Johnstown, PA 15901, United States



4. Explore Frank & Sylvia Pasquerilla Heritage Discovery Center

This Center is home to permanent and rotating exhibits, a social club, a café, and the Johnstown Children’s Museum. In 2001, it first welcomed customers and guests.

Tickets purchased for the Heritage Discovery Center allow visitors to enter the Children’s Museum and one of the other historical organizations in Johnstown. If you go to the Heritage Discovery Center more than once, you can count on learning something new and interesting.

Address: Broad St, Johnstown, PA 15906, United States



5. Watch Exclusive Hockey Game At The Cambria County War Memorial Arena

Cambria County War Memorial Arena opened its doors in 1950 and has served as a venue for several athletic competitions. In addition, the Arena plays host to stand-up comedians, live bands, and events geared for families, including Sesame Street Live!

The Arena not only plays host to events that members of the public can attend but is also known as “The Home of Slap Shot,” a hockey movie set in the 1970s and has since become a cult classic.

Address: 326 Napoleon St #1780, Johnstown, PA 15901, United States



6. Visit The Grandview Cemetery

Since 1887, when the first burial took place there, the Grandview Cemetery has been a popular destination for tourists. The Great Flood came just three years after the cemetery was established in 1886, and it was necessary to provide a place for more than 2,000 victims of the natural disaster. The time of the cemetery’s formation could not have been better.

Both the first and one-hundredth anniversaries of the flood brought an extraordinary number of mourners and historians to Grandview. Many of these visitors were fascinated by the Unknown Plot, which held the remains of flood victims without known names. As a result, the Grandview cemetery is brimming with significant tombstone markers, ornamental monuments, and stunning trees.

Address: 801 Millcreek Rd, Johnstown, PA 15905, United States



7. Make A Stop At The Boulevard Grill And Warehouse

The Boulevard Grill and Warehouse has a diversified atmosphere that’s practically on par with the rich history of Johnstown. It was built in 1939 using the ruins of two floors taken from the Merchant’s Hotel, located in the central business district of Johnstown. As a result, it has relics and artifacts that date back to that particular year.

The Boulevard’s growing popularity led to the accumulation of an increasingly unique assortment of furnishings.  The dinner menu, which is five pages long, is as diverse as the rest of the restaurant. Also, something caters to everyone’s tastes, from burgers and pizza to steaks and seafood and everything in between. 

Address: 165 Southmont Blvd, Johnstown, PA 15905, United States




In general, Johnstown is a beautiful city in which every resident is acquainted with every other resident. Visit Johnstown if you want to discover how the people who live there cope with the challenges that life throws at them as you do. It’s a wonderful location with a rich history to explore.

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