List of Top 6 Resorts In Guyana

Guyana, a country in South America, is one of the most sought tourist destinations worldwide. Popularly referred to as the “Land of Many Waters” Guyana is a place you should be for your next holiday. But what makes this place special? We’ll find out.

Judging by its name, Guyana is known as a place with a large portion of water. If you are enthusiastic about water bodies like beaches, lakes, rivers, etc., trust me, you should be here. The country is located on the North Atlantic coast and is defined by its dense rainforest.

As an English-speaking country, there is absolutely no reason to be concerned about communication. Most of the guests who visit Guyana, as well as a large percentage of its locals, speak English as their native language. This is an advantage, making it easy to get around and make friends.

Asides from its stunning water bodies, Guyana is well known for so many things, including British colonial architecture, such as the magnificent, well-furnished St. George’s Anglican Cathedral. There are also other exciting things about the country, which you will find out on your next visit.

Well, if you are interested in having your next vacation in Guyana, you should know some of the best resorts in the country. These resorts offer everything to ensure you have the best getaway, whether you are coming alone or getting accompanied by your family.

The Best Resorts in Guyana

1. Aruwai White H20 Resort

Trust me; there is a lot of fun waiting for you at Aruwai Resort, especially when you go with your family. If you had planned to stay for a limited time, the royalty and luxury treatment you will receive would surely make you change your mind and stay longer. This brings the question, what makes Aruwai special?

Aruwai Resort is perfect for any kind of traveler; vacation, business, etc. There are various amenities in place to ensure you have the best stay regardless of the purpose of your travel. A hotel or resort becomes top-notch when its staff is friendly and accommodating to guests and visitors.

The resort’s ambiance is cool, and of course, it is one that you will want to visit some other time. Resort staff makes it a priority to check up on their guests from time to time to ensure they are having a great time at every moment. Another reason Aruwai stands unique is that you do not need a reservation.

To get into most resorts in Guyana, it is important that you make reservations earlier. However, Aruwai is an exception, and there is a place for everyone. Also, the food is great, and all guests get a complimentary breakfast every morning. You can choose from a wide range of dishes.

Furthermore, I recommend traveling by speed boats if you are interested in visiting this hidden gem, especially with a partner. Of course, you could begin your vacation even before arriving at the resort. In addition, you can book chopper rides to take you around the city from time to time.

Address: 98HC+GVG, St Edwards Mission, Guyana



2. Shanklands Rainforest Resort

Shanklands is not just another resort in Guyana; it holds a reputation that other top resorts in the country can only meet. Of course, it is a resort with a rainforest where guests are allowed to go on guided tours and see what the whole place has to offer. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

Everything about Shanklands is a thing to write home about; it is just so exciting and adventurous. Talk about the staff. They are quite helpful and friendly. The ambiance is cool and always inviting. You will surely love your stay here. Like many people say, Shanklands is truly a home away from home.

You are allowed to go on walks in the surrounding rainforest, where you will find exciting creatures and wildlife like tarantulas, lizards, monkeys, and many more. The management also allows guests to take pictures to capture their most interesting moments.

If you are a lover of nature, you will surely enjoy your stay here at Shanklands. The rooms back in the hotel are world-class and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. I recommend this resort, particularly for vacation and romantic travelers. Of course, you might want to have your honeymoon or baecation here.

Address: 48 High Street Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown N/A Guyana


3. Splashmin’s Resort

Located in the heart of the Madewini Wetlands, Splashmin’s resort is a paradise of its own. Its location on the Linden Soesdyke Highway makes it a great destination for your private getaway. Who doesn’t want to be treated with such royalty and luxury?

There are so many things Splashmin’s Resort has in place for its guests. For example, a naturally flowing creek awaits you; the location awaits you. You can either enjoy the stunning views or bring out your devices to capture the precious sight.

Although it is in a secluded location, Splashmin’s resort is barely 30 minutes from the city and 10 minutes from the CBJ International Airport, making it easily accessible. You can quickly tour the closeby city and probably do some shopping with your family.

In addition, all rooms and suites at the resort are fully air-conditioned. If there is one thing Splashmin represents, then it must be luxury. The suites and rooms feature stunning decor and French doors that open to a tropical breeze.

Address: GQ3P+W33, Timehri, Guyana



4. Guyana Marriott  Hotel Georgetown

Are you a business traveler or in need of a place for your next vacation? If yes, you might want to consider Guyana Marriott Hotel. The hotel and resort is located in Georgetown, which is the most accessible city in Guyana. Of course, getting here can never be an issue.

It is just a few minute walking distance from the British, U.S., and Canadian Embassies and situated very close to the famous St. George’s Cathedral, Lacytown. There are many other attractions within walking distance of the hotel that you might also want to explore.

Guyana Marriott features stylish hotel rooms that allow guests to unwind and relax after a busy day and get the pampering they deserve. There are expansive work desks suitable for business travelers who wouldn’t get away from work.

If you are here for pampering, amenities are also in place to fulfill your purpose. Rooms and suites feature plush pillowtop beds and also offer stunning ocean views. You can spend grab a meal at the Terra Mare Restaurant or your favorite cocktail at the Caribe Boardwalk Pool Bar & Grill.

Address: Block Alpha Battery Road, Georgetown, Guyana



5. Herdmanston Lodge

Romantic travelers are definitely going to love this one! Herdmanston Lodge is an intimate heritage hotel in Guyana and is known as one of the best. The hotel also has a resort and prides itself in excellent guest service. Your stay is surely going to be a remarkable one here.

Herdmanston is quite popular for its stunning architecture, which also upholds the legacy of Guyana as a whole. Its architecture is very unique and dates back to the colonial era. Herdmanston also features extensive and attractive lawns and gardens, great for relaxing.

Unlike many other hotels and resorts in Guyana, Herdmanston Lodge is not so big but has a lot to offer even with its small size. For example, the small hotel size makes it easy to attend to and meet the single need of every guest.

Address: 65 Peter Rose St, Georgetown, Guyana



6. Rainforest B&B

Rainforest B&B is another exciting place to be in Guyana. The resort is quite exceptional and has a lot of things to offer to guests. It is located in the picturesque colonial Queenstown, offering informal and friendly services to both locals and guests from different parts of the world.

One of the exceptional features of Rainforest B&B is its high ceilings with four rooms of different layouts to suit any taste. Individuals, families, and couples will make the most of these rooms without lacking any basic features.

The B&B lush gardens attract many birds and are a great escape from bustling Georgetown. Also, the B&B is only 10 mins from City Center, and 15 mins walk from the Ocean and seawall. If you ever face a problem at B&B, getting to the property will never be it.

Address: 272 Forshaw Street, Georgetown, Guyana



Final Words

Guyana is not known to have so many resorts; however, the few I have mentioned are some of the best in the country. If you are looking forward to an adventurous and fun-filled getaway, then you should begin packing your bags to any of these resorts in Guyana.

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